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Medicine is one of the most highly esteemed professions in the whole world. The respect and acknowledgment given to a doctor are earned through their eternal mission to serve the people. A lot of people in the world aspire to be a part of this noble profession and contribute to the well being of people around them.

There are numerous universities across the world that provide quality education and generate numerous MBBS graduates every year.  MBBS in Russia is a very commonly chosen option by many people in the world. 

It is not only the quality of education but also the low cost that positively contributes to choosing Russia to gain the qualifications required to be a doctor. This article looks at some reasons why people from across the world choose to do MBBS in Russia over any other country.

1. Highly Qualified Education System:

The MBBS syllabus in Russia consists of a lot of hands-on experience and practical knowledge that is very crucial for this profession. Most of the universities which offer this course are many years old, and therefore, they have experience in handling a lot of patients in real-life situations.

There are a lot of private colleges and universities in many parts of the globe that draw a large amount of money but lack the practical experiences and facilities that are pivotal for hands-on experience. Russian Universities which are high among the best across the globe, guarantee a great medical career and the best resources for every student.


2. Minimal Fees and Cost of Living:

Russia is a home for a lot of students with the aspirations of becoming a doctor. Russia’s med schools cost less compared to many other universities and colleges like those in India.

According to the statistics, there are more than 3,00, 000 international students from at least 160 countries that go to study MBBS in various Russian universities, and a majority of these are Indians.

 One reason for this is that medical colleges in India, especially private ones, take a lot of money in the name of donation and management costs. Doing MBBS in Russia is a benefit as the fees would not be so high, and there are also provisions for scholarships.

Students also have the facility to do part-time jobs and earn more money. The living cost in Russia has also come down to about half when compared to 2013. It has increased the rush in people opting to do MBBS in Russia.


3. Preference to Capability more than Marks:

Various colleges and universities, especially in India, evaluate students based on marks obtained in competitive exams. Most students who have the potential are at a loss when it comes to marking as being the only criteria for evaluation. Fortunately, this is not the case for universities in Russia.


The minimum eligibility for MBBS is only a 50 to 65% score in a student’s 12th grade. The universities focus more on the readiness of the students, according to their statement of purpose and academic records, including extracurricular activities.

Students are at an advantage as these universities choose their confidence and ability over just marks, giving them the faith in themselves to become good servants of society.

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4. The Place of Possibilities:

Russia is known for its architectural creativity with exuberant culture and people. It is a place for those who love sports and the arts. Doctors who have a hobby in either of these can choose to study in Russia, and the opportunities for them to showcase their talents would be numerous.

Russia is also home to countless cultural experiences with multiple climate zones along with UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Holden Mountains, Lake Baikal, Red Square, St.Sergius’ Monastery, and many more. 

Even though there are other destinations in demand for international study, Russia stands out with its age-old Universities and QS ranking. The Russian language is on-demand everywhere in the world with chances of becoming the world power again.

The emerging status makes it a requirement for global corporations and federal governments to equip themselves with Russian language experts. It plays positively in the list of opportunities in stock for a student who is in Russia.

The place is also increasingly on-demand for Science and Technology due to its growing innovations. Therefore the demand for a doctor from Russia would be huge.

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Russia seems to be an excellent option when it comes to exposure and possibilities. With lesser fees and disclosure to newer people, there are better opportunities to venture into making the future bright for every person aspiring to serve.



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