March 1, 2021

Tips To Prepare for IIT JAMS 2021

IIT JAM 2021 Preparation tips

IIT JAM is one of the national level examinations organized to offer admission into M.Sc., M.Sc. Ph.D., and M.Sc. Ph.D. dual degree etc. programmes. IIT JAM 2021 Application Form has been released on 10th September 2020. Exam will be conducted by one of the IIT’s on a rotation basis on behalf of the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD). For the year 2021, IIT JAM will be conducted by IISc, Bangalore. They will be constructed on second Sunday of February 2021. 

Starting early always do pay off! And when it’s about the exam preparations, it really does.Beginning your IIT JAM Preparation a year before the exam is not as easy as it sounds. When you have the time period as long as a year, for IIT JAM preparation. You’ll find yourself procrastinating half of the time, it seems like you have enough time to study until it’s too late to prepare well. Keeping yourself motivated to study every day is a task itself! 

The candidates can check the important topics for all the subject papers of JAM 2021 given below:



Modern Algebra

Linear Algebra

Integral of a Vector


Group Theory


Vector Calculus






Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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Physics and Chemistry





Kinetic Theory

Electricity and Magnetism

Mathematical Statistics


Random Variables

Differential Calculus

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Medium of question paper: The language of the exam is English only

Mode: JAM is a computer-based test

Duration of the Exam: Candidates are given 3 hours to complete the exam

Sections: Exam has three sections which are section A, B and C

Total Number of Questions: There are total 60 questions in the test

Type of Questions: There are 3 types of questions; multiple-choice questions, multiple-select questions, numerical answer type questions

Marking Scheme: In section A for each wrong answer to 1 mark questions, 1/3 marks is going to be deducted and for each wrong answer to 2 mark question, 2/3 marks is going to be deducted. In section B and section C there is no negative marking. For not attempting the questions no marks will be deducted or given.

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Here are a few pointers you should keep in mind while preparing for your IIT JAMS:

  • Get well versed with the syllabus- This is the most important part of any preparation. Download the syllabus and paste it somewhere in your room so that you always have an eye on it. Make a checklist beside it and keep ticking the one’s which you do. 
  • Solve last year papers- Download or purchase last year papers which is very important because questions generally come from the fixed topics. Read the type of questions, make a list of chapters whose questions come regularly and focus more on them. 
  • Clear your basics. It’s very important for you to dedicate a good amount of time to get through all the basic concepts. Study all that you have in your semesters thoroughly.
  • Focus on high weightage topics- Once you get an idea then start to focus on those chapters with a high weightage and do questions simultaneously so as to cover each and every possible questions on every topic of that chapter. Don’t waste time on particular chapter too long.
  • Practice chapters which are easy that consist more of numericals, because this will help you to score more. 
  • The most important thing said by the students who appeared for these tests is that you should also solve the IIT-JEE last year papers (this will surely help you and this is gonna be a magic box for you because the IIT jam level question cannot exceed JEE levels) .Solve this in the month of december or January when you completed your syllabus.
  • Practice ,practice , practice, practice .The more you practice questions the better you perform because solving questions helps us to have a clear understanding of that chapter and it also enhances your speed of solving .
  • Buy good reference books-You should have a good reference book for your preparations. You can easily find it on google or any IIT websites. 
  • If you are not able to understand some topic then go and search on youtube or many IIT or IISC Prof. They’ve uploaded lectures which are quite easy to comprehend. 
  • Solve mock tests-   Enroll in any good mock test. Do not underestimate a mock test. No matter how many questions you have solved, you need to give tests to have an idea of where you actually stand and give yourself a chance to improve your weak areas.
  • Analyse your mocks properly. It is as important as giving a mock. Analyse why you couldn’t solve questions. Find the reason behind it and work on it. 
  • Revise– After covering the whole syllabus of JAM, revise the topics. Keep on revising the topics again and again until a day before the examination. This is an important tip to score well in the examination.


Right preparation with the right guidance on correct time is the most important thing. Take complete rest. Eat healthy, live healthy.

All the very best!!!

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