February 24, 2021

Five Must-Read Books on Giving Back – Philanthropy

The world of philanthropic giving – which is continually evolving — was celebrated at our 7th annual Philanthropy Awards in San Francisco on Nov. 16, honoring two highly effective and impactful nonprofit organizations.

Bank of the West’s involvement is simple: We connect corporate philanthropy with local nonprofits to help further support their missions on a local level, which hopefully spurs global change.

This year’s winners were Ashoka and Community Resources Housing Development Corporation (CRHDC)—two deserving nonprofits working tirelessly to impact change. We presented each of them with a grant of $100,000 for enhancing the quality of life for those in their respective regions.

The recipients were chosen not only by our internal committee members but by a host of nonprofit leaders and external foundation experts who utilize a rigorous due diligence process, including quantitative and qualitative criteria — similar to the selection of investment managers.

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The celebration brought awareness to these two nonprofits in particular, who are doing great work in their fields but are also in need of additional visibility to help their organizations grow and flourish.

Global nonprofit Ashoka was recognized in the Innovation Award category for its pioneering network of social entrepreneurs (“change makers”) in the fields of poverty alleviation, education, environmental stewardship, economic development, and other areas of human need. Colorado-based Community Resources and Housing and Development (CRHDC) was the winner in the Community Impact category. The nonprofit, founded in 1971, has expanded its mission to address urban and rural needs state-wide. It educates more than 800 individuals annually toward the goal of sustainable home ownership and financial capability as well some indian internet services .

Every day, Vancouver-based Northwest Natural Products makes vitamins to nourish people across the country and worldwide – but they don’t stop there. CEO Marty Rifkin and his wife, company President Kate Jones, are also dedicated to giving philanthropically as a business and as individuals.

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Since 1982, Northwest Natural Products has manufactured nutritional supplements in Vancouver. Their products are sold nationwide and in Europe, Asia and Central America. Their gummy vitamins for adults as well as kids are incredibly popular, and Northwest Natural Products are available everywhere that vitamins and supplements are sold.

Making a product that helps make people healthier seems like a sound model of doing good by doing business, but Rifkin is not content to stop there.

“We believe in trying to improve the physical aspects of people’s lives,” said Rifkin. “Even making a difference in one person’s life is important.” And day by day things about pollution as well in india and in world.

Though the company does not have a formalized process for soliciting or reviewing giving opportunities, Rifkin said that they consider many projects and opportunities each year.

“Because a lot of our products are for children (children’s vitamins, gummy supplements, etc.), a lot of our philanthropy and the projects we get behind do tend to focus on children’s causes.”

The company has long been a supporter of Share Vancouver, largely because it seemed that an organization that helps feed people, especially children, was a natural fit with their business of providing nutritional supplements.

“We’ve supported Share a lot over the years, especially the backpack program,” Rifkin said. The backpack program, which gives children in need a backpack full of healthy food to sustain them over a weekend away from school, has grown to the point that the organization is providing more than 1,000 backpacks every weekend.

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