Competitive Exams Preparation Tips for Working Aspirants in 2020

how to prepare for competitive exam

It is a fact that everyone wants such types of jobs that can offer them a lot of benefits, and that’s why all are now looking for a government job. Some aspirants are working full time and part-time in different sectors but still dream of getting prestigious govt. or Maru Gujarat government jobs, like SSC, SBI PO, Clerk, SSC CGL, UPSC, and more. But is it really easy to crack a competitive exam and get a govt job

Today, in this article, we will discuss how one can easily prepare for competitive exams while working. All the working aspirants can visit Ojas Bharti and apply for different Maru Gujarat jobs online. Applying for an exam is very easy, but for working people, it is quite challenging to prepare for the exam as they don’t enough time for this. 

An aspirant with a strong level of preserved mindset and the skill of proper time management can make it easier for her/him. Remember that quality is much more valuable than quantity as candidates who spent around 9 to 10 hours can’t even crack the exam, but sometimes an aspirant spending only 2 to 3 hours can crack the exam. However, don’t feel down and have a look at the below-mentioned tips for competitive exams. 

Tips for Working Aspirants Preparing for Competitive Exams

Let’s Talk About the First Step

Well, you can easily get a free job alert about various competitive exams, but once you get the alert about the exam dates, you should speed up your preparation process. However, before you begin your preparation, the most important thing you need to understand is what type of exam you are getting ready for. You must have a very clear understanding of the syllabus as well as the patterns of the exam. You can take the help of the Ojas Bharti website to get such information. Get all the information and get ready to move into the process. 


  • Prepare an Effective Strategy and Plan

After getting the basic Maru Gujarat government job information, you need to develop a strategy that will keep you moving to achieve your goals. Create a plan that will suit your routine while giving importance to the hours you can spend on the study. For example, after your office hours, you can spend 2 to 3 hours in your studies. 

Allot time for each section, like computer studies, quantitative aptitude, reasoning, general awareness, and more. Try to solve as many questions as you can every night.  If possible, try to wake up a little early so that you can get more time for preparation. Besides, don’t forget to use online platforms or mobile apps to keep practicing during your office hours. Such apps are designed to help you in preparation and can offer regular free job alert.

  • Spend your Weekend to do Mock Tests

For all the working aspirants, it is advisable to utilize more time for preparation during weekends. Increase your study hours to boost up your revision, practice session, and more. Then, track your performance by participating in mock tests offered by different platforms. Nowadays, you can do that using different mobile apps. Analyze your performance and keep practicing. 

Sarkari exam tips


  • Its Time to go Online

If you have joined any coaching, then it’s good. But remember that don’t make yourself dependent on your coaching classes. You should take advantage of various online platforms, like Ojas Bharti, to enhance your knowledge. Through such platforms, you can get important study materials. You can also follow different YouTube channel to get all types of latest updates. You can access such things while through your mobile while traveling. You will have to try your best to utilize every minute carefully. 


  • Enhance your Reading Habits

This is a crucial habit to develop if you are serious about getting the best Maru Gujarat job sin government sectors. A good reading habit will help you get a good score in the English subject of the competitive exam. For this, you can read news, interviews, articles, and more when you are at your workplace and have some free time. Take the help of various online platforms and apps for this. 

  • Use your Office Time Smartly 

Well, if you can get free time while working or in between your meetings and projects, utilize the tie smartly by solving practice sets or quizzes available at various competitive exam mobile app. Utilizing such time to develop your vocabulary skills will be very good. You can also do that while commuting to your workplace. Most of the competitive exam mobile apps offer 24×7 services, so you won’t face any difficulties to access their services and study materials. If it takes you 15 to 30 minutes to reach your office, use the time to attain an online class. 

  • Solve the Question Papers of Previous Years

For all the working aspirants, this is very useful. With this, you will get a clear idea about the types of questions you would face in your exams. Besides, you can know about the mark allotments. Experts say, the more you practice with previous years’ question papers, the better you will be able to find out the common questions. So, keep practicing. Such exams require a deeper level of conceptual clarity on all the subjects. Solving previous years’ papers can help you in that. 

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Don’t Think About Quitting

One of the most important tips to crack the exams is you should develop a positive mindset. Work on creating a never quitting attitude and building your self-confidence. With a great level of dedication, an average student can easily move ahead of a smart student in the race. You know, everything is possible, and you can crack the exams, but all you need strong willpower and hard work. Remember that you are the real designer of your destiny, and you are your competitor. 

So, all the working aspirants, follow the tips mentioned above and keep moving towards your goals. 



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