March 5, 2021

How to crack any government Job

How to crack government Job

Well, preparation should be up to the notch but you need to keep in mind that, preparation should be in the right direction. Here we will explain you about How to crack any government Job.

“Hard work in the wrong direction never gives the success “– Harsh Truth

Working in the right direction can also be known as a Smart Work. Which most of the genius ask to do while pursuing great things in life.

Here, in this article, I have shared 5 best tips and tricks told by some toppers who were earlier average, which you can implement and I believe works in not only government Exams but also in all the exams out there.


Go through with Exam Pattern and Syllabus

The first part is to know what they are going to ask in the examination and how are they gonna ask it?

Most of the aspirants don’t even know the exam syllabus and exam pattern just before the 1-2 month of the examination, and they feel that they are gonna top the examination. It’s not in that way.

Anyway, knowing the Syllabus and the exam pattern at the beginning of the preparation is as necessary as breathing. You can refer techbazar for syllabus, Exam pattern, eligibility and many more information related to any other Sarkari Exams.

By reading the exam pattern and syllabus your mind created the mind map and automatically into your subconscious mind, which further told you to act in a certain way that leads you to clear your exam.

You will get to know many of the benefits of knowing the exam pattern and syllabus by reading the points mentioned below in this article.

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Quantity vs quality(optimum)

99% of the people will suggest that you only focus on quality rather than quantity. However, believe me, according to the topper point of view you should always find an optimum position of quality and quantity war.

You can do this by finding the last year cutoff of your category(ST, SC, OBC, General) and calculating cutoff, and increase it by 10 marks, say cutoff+10. If 70marks was your last year’s cutoff, then you should be prepared for minimum 80 marks.

Divide these calculated marks into sections according to the exam pattern/number of questions. Like how much questions you need to attempt from which section to score these calculated marks.

In this way, you can get the optimum state of quality and the quantity of war.

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After you go through all the syllabus, then you need to identify which part is tough for you? Which part is moderate for you? and which part is easy for you?

Along with this, you need to divide your time into three sections Prelims, Mains, Interview.

Prelims and Mains should cover the 80%(40-40 to round 1 & 2 ) of the whole time and the rest 20% should point toward the interview preparation, as the interview is also one of the necessary parts to get selected for any government post.

Take a pen-paper, and start planning your whole year or remaining time for your examination. Don’t do a mistake by only focusing on the preliminary or first round of the selection process. Other rounds are also essential as mentioned above.

Now, according to the year wise planning, plan your upcoming three months, and then plan your upcoming days. Schedule your day according to the 80-20 rule which was mentioned above and monitor your whole day.


Practice reading and solving

You need to practice daily by reading the newspaper and article on the Internet, increasing the reading habit will be benefited in many ways. It will increase your grasping power. So whenever you study for the exam, the probability of forgetting things will decrease steadily. Hence, you need to acquire a less time for your revision process.

A fast reading can also help you to read full question paper in tiny-time very easily. Grasping more in less amount of time is a skill which normal people don’t understand, and if you have this skill you can clear any exam you want to clear in your life.

Increasing the reading ability by reading a newspaper every morning will be a favor to yourself. This will increase your general knowledge and current affairs, which are going to be asked in the examination and definitely in the interview as well.

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Attempt 20 mock test:

Never just go and attempt the final examination paper. That’s again the second biggest mistake. Attempt at least 20-30 (depending upon your choice) last year question paper. So, it will make you durable and tough enough to bear the stress of the time you are going to complete the exam.

By attempting the 20-30 mock papers will also increase the question-solving ability which is a must having the skill to be with while attempting the examination paper.

Always attempt the mock test by acquiring the discipline the same as which you are going to follow, wear half sleeves t-shirts and pants. This will boost up your confidence while giving the examination in such a level which is not even possible for a supplement to emulate.


After reading this article implement each and everything according to your conditions, dent feels charged up as because it is just the starting of your journey. There is a lot more to achieve, feel positive and always remind yourself with the sentence that “students who will clear the examination will be my colleagues in the future”. Best of luck for your preparation.

Any question comments are always welcome.

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