February 24, 2021

VSI Proved- The Easiest way to become CA After 12th

CA after 12th

CA is a reputable course in India among commerce students. If you want to pursue your career as a successful chartered accountant, then “CA” these two words have hold a superpower to change your world for the next four years.

A chartered accountant is the best career option for any commerce student after 12th to pursue CA after 12th. In school, every commerce student wants to become a chartered accountant, because CA is a very respected profession in our society. For commerce students, CA is the field of their interest. 

According to a survey, every one out of five commerce students wants to become a Chartered accountant and even wants to know how to become CA after 12th. CA after 12th commerce is easier than any other course. 

Students need to go through 3 steps to become a successful CA after 12th.

First step is – CA foundation

CA Foundation is the first and primary step for pursuing CA after 12th. After 12th commerce  Students need to register for CA foundation. Registration for CA foundation is open twice a year in June and December. Total CA Foundation Course Fees is 11,300 including registration fess, journal membership fees and examination fees. 

Second step- CA intermediate-

 CA After 12th CA intermediate is the second step for a Chartered accountant.there are two ways for entry in CA intermediate. First is After clearing CA foundation, students can register themself into CA intermediate or they can directly enter in CA intermediate, instead of doing CA after 12th. Twice a year in August and February registrations are also open for CA intermediate. Registration fees for CA intermediate are 27200 for both groups.    

Third step for CA final- 

After clearing CA, intermediate students have to do articleship under a CA for three years, after articleship students are eligible to register for CA final. Students needs to pay total CA FInal Course Fees 32300.

Ways to become  CA after 12th

There are three ways for CA after 12th. Students have to undergo three layers of examination, first is CA foundation, second CA intermediate, and last CA final. If students want the best education for CA after 12th, then VSI is the only institute where they can get the best results. 

For commerce students-

 First– CA foundation is the new name of CPT, which is Common Proficiency Test, for CPT students have to register after 10th but for CA foundation students can register for CA foundation after 12th. Once students register for CA foundation, it will be valid for the next three years.  

Second– CA intermediate is the higher level of CA foundation. There is a second method to enter CA intermediate.

First step –  students have to Clear foundation exams and register for CA intermediate.

Second – direct entry, this scheme is valid for only those students who have done there graduation and post-graduation. 

Third- CA final, after clear CA intermediate and completed three years articleship under a professional CA, students can register themself for CA final. 


For non-commerce students- 

Non-commerce students can be the next chartered accountant if they want to do CA after 12th science then, non-commerce students have to register themself for CA foundation. Still, for CA intermediate they need a minimum of 60% marks in their graduation. The eligibility requirement to become a Chartered Accountant-


  • No age limit for CA foundation exam 2020
  • Students are eligible for CA foundation after 12th 
  •  Graduation and post-graduation students are eligible for CA intermediate exams.
  • Commerce students only need 55%,non-commerce students need 60% marks in their graduation to be exempted CA foundation.
  •  Total CA course duration in India is 4.5 years 
  • Graduate and postgraduate students are eligible for CA intermediate.
  • 3 years is the minimum CA course duration after graduation.
  • If a student registers in CA After 12th then it will take 4.5 year to complete the course.  



By following these CA Course Eligibility Criteria Any student can register for CA course in India.

CA Course Duration After 12th-

Course duration After 12th students is 4.5 years, but there is a condition for students if they clear all the exams in the first attempt then it will take only 4.5 years, but if they can’t do it, then every attempt comes with six months extra time. CA Course after 12th is now the best professional course in India. 

                                    CA Course Duration After 12th

Details of CourseDuration
CA Foundation4 Months study period
Waiting Period of CA Foundation Result2 Months
CA Intermediate8 Months study period
Waiting Period of CA Intermediate Result (Complete ITT and OT during such period)2 ½ Months
Articleship Training (appear in CA Final while completing the last six months of Articleship)3 Years



CA Foundation-

CA foundation is the first exam CA After 12th for pursuing CA, the course duration of CA after 12th is six months. After registering, students get four-month time for studies. And takes two months for results, from the exam day. 

CA Intermediate-

CA intermediate is the next-door for CA course in India. After clearing CA foundation students to register themself for CA Intermediate, after that ICAI gives eight months to students for studies and takes two months waiting for results from the exam day. Any student who registers for CA intermediate then he or she pays 27,200 CA Intermediate Course Fees. 


Articleship is practical training for CA students. The third step for completing CA, after clearing CA foundation and CA intermediate students are eligible for articleship is 3 years of practical training for every CA student. 


 CA Final-

CA final is the last exam in the list of CA exams; students have to pass two groups of exams in CA final. After passing both groups, a CA student becomes a professional Chartered accountant. 


Procedure to become a Chartered accountant after 12th-

CA After 12th there is little complicated procedure to become a chartered accountant, if students want to become a chartered accountant then he or she needs to undergo six processes and each process its difficulty level 

So lets a look at the procedure of chartered accountant-

  • First step–CA foundation 
  • Second step- CA intermediate
  • Third step- ICITSS
  • Fourth step- Articleship training 
  • Fifth step- CA final


 Step First -CA foundation–

In the list of six steps, CA foundation is the first step for CA. after 12th students can register themself for CA foundation, in one year students can register twice for CA foundation in May and November. Students have to pay 11,300 RS fees for CA foundation. For clearing CA Foundation students need a minimum of 50% marks in all subjects and 40% in each subject. 


CA Course Eligibility Criteria for CA foundation- 

Commerce students can register for CA after 12th examination for CA foundation, and non-commerce students also can register after the 12th examination.


 Step second – CA intermediate- 

CA intermediate is a different exam from CA foundation. In this exam, students need to pass two groups.Students have to pay the total fees of CA intermediate is 27,200 RS. Students can register themself for MAY 2021 in august 2020.


CA Course Eligibility Criteria for CA intermediate- 

Students have two ways to enter CA intermediate exams first to pass CA foundation, and second is the direct entry, only graduate and postgraduate students can be eligible for direct entry. For direct entry commerce, students need 55% marks, and non-commerce students need 60% marks in graduation or post-graduation. 


CA Intermediate papers list- 



Group first- Group second 
Paper 1: Accounting (100 Marks) 5: Advanced Accounting (100 Marks)
Paper 2: Corporate Laws & Other Laws (100 Marks)Paper 6: Auditing and Assurance (100 Marks)
Part I: Company Law (60 Marks)Paper 7: Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management (100 Marks)
Part II: Other Laws (40 Marks)Paper 3: Cost and Management Accounting (100 Marks)Section A: Enterprise Information Systems (50 Marks)
Paper-4: Taxation (100 Marks)Section B: Strategic Management (50 Marks)
Section A: Income-tax Law (60 Marks)Paper 8: Financial Management & Economics for Finance (100 Marks)
Section B: Indirect Taxes (40 Marks)   Section A: Financial Management (60 Marks)
Economics for Finance (40 Marks)



Step Third – ICITSS-

Students have to take 100 hours of training in information technology and a seven-day orientation program before starting their articleship. 


 Step Fourth- Articleship training –

Three years of articleship training is a must for every CA student after clearing the CA intermediate. 


 Step Fifth- CA Final- 

 While registration every student dreams that sooner they will be eligible for CA final exam. CA Final is the last step in the list of CA exams. After passing CA finals, a CA student is no longer a CA student, he turns into a professional chartered accountant.TheCA Final Course Fees is 32300 RS.

CA final papers list- 


Paper Subject 
First paperFinancial Reporting
Second paper Strategic Financial Management
Third paper Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics
Fourth paperCorporate and Allied Laws
Fifth paperAdvanced Management Accounting
Sixth paperInformation Systems Control and Audit
Seventh paperDirect Tax Laws




CA Course fees-

Fees are the most important thing for any course. Every student wants to know the total fees of course in which he or she registers themself. 

 Fees system of CA Foundation –

Numbers DetailsFees
1.CA Foundation Form Fees200
2.Fees for Registration of CA Foundation 9000
3Fees of Foundation Prospectus200
4.Fees for Member’s Journal Subscription 400
5Total 9800



CA Intermediate Fee Structure-

S.No.Fees DetailsBoth Groups Single Group


1. Fees for CA Intermediate Registration 1500011000
2. Student’s Activity CA Intermediate fees detail20002000
3. Fees for CA Intermediate Registration as an article assistant1000
Total 1800013000


CA Final Fees structure-

 After clearing CA intermediate both groups students are eligible for CA Final.CA final is the last step for CA, students have to pay 22,000 to register themself for CA final. 


Articleship fees- 

Articleship is three years of practical training. And it’s mandatory for every CA student after clearing CA intermediate exam. Students can start articleship after clearing a single group of CA intermediate. 2000 RS is registration fees for articleship.


ICITSS fees-

Before starting articleship, students need to register themself for ICITSS. The meaning of  ICITSS is Information Technology and Orientation Program for CA students.

Information Technology Program fees- 6,500

Orientation Program fees-7,000



 In the last two years of their CA articleship, students have to do AICITSS training. students experience Advance Information Training program and Management and Communication Skills in program training. 

Advanced Information Technology Program-7,500

Management and Communication Skills-7,000 



CA After 12th is a top-rated professional course among commerce students, in the group of every ten students five, is want to pursue their career as a professional CA. And for that, students have lots of questions in mind like Duration, fees, exams, time, registrations, and lots more.so this article is beneficial for those students who are in 12th, whether they are from commerce background or non-commerce background.

CA After 12th is not easy, as it looks, after registering themself for foundations students need a pleasant environment for their studies, best guidance for studies, and professional teacher for coaching.VSI is the best institute for CA coaching, VSI provides quality educations to the students, students friendly notes, and the expert teachers. From a decade, VSI has been a home for CA foundation toppers. In the names of CA coaching institute VSI is renowned as the best coaching for CA.




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