Know What Is Junior MBA For Career Clarity

Junior MBA

While studying in schools students are being asked to make career decisions in which they face problems. The toughest task is of parents who run here and there for correct guidance and for their children to have a conversation with counselors, uncles, friends. Parents always want their children to make correct career decisions and be happy with those decisions made.

Today a large number of courses are there to choose from and children often get confused about which option should they choose. Parents are always in tension for their children to make a correct career choice. But to cross this dilemma many courses of the new generation are coming now. As the world is moving fast these courses help the student to know the corporate world by making correct choices.

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What Is Junior MBA?

According to the CEO of Clever Harley, Sriram Subramaniam, we test drive a car before we buy it and for a full scoop of ice cream, we ask for a taster. Why should we depend on somebody else’s advice before we make any career choice? According to Sriram, coding has offered an interesting foresight into technology careers, but it has been found that there is no equivalent for the business world.

Therefore Junior MBA has been launched. Sriram added that it has been so fulfilling to see the satisfaction on the faces of students at understanding the corporate world and also parents are feeling relieved when they see their teenager getting clear with the career.

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The main benefits of this course are

The child gets the benefits of understanding the new career options.

The students make their choices themselves and parents have no interference in it.

The child develops an interest in careers at an early age and can wisely choose education streams.

3000 teenagers have been graduated in just five months with 75 percent of them attending two or more specializations. This clearly shows how much the parents are concerned about the clarity of their children for a career. Students have shown more interest in game design, human-computer interaction, and social media influence according to a survey. This course has proved to be an eye-opener for the parents. The course has been made very engaging and interesting.

Children today desire more with greater aspirations and exposure. There are a variety of career options but when we have more options we get more confused. But with the introduction of new experiences and courses, they are getting clarity in making the career choices and are making the career choice of their interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is Junior MBA?

Ans.- It is a program designed to deliver an MBA-style curriculum to primary school students.

Q 2. India’s first Junior MBA?

Ans.- Clever Harley, part of edtech major Callido Learning, recently launched Junior MBA.

Q 3. Aim Of Junior MBA?

Ans.- It aims to teach students corporate world skills through case studies of relatable companies such as BigBasket, Amazon, and Spotify.

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