March 1, 2021

Why NIOS A Life Saver For Students Under Academic Pressure to Perform Well?

Why NIOS A Life Saver For Students

 The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) was set up in 1989 by the Government of India. The objective of the program is to provide children who are unable to attend conventional schools regularly to access the same education. It offers a range of courses. The major advantage of NIOS is undoubtedly the flexibility to students. The Ministry of Human Resource Development through NIOS serves the purpose and imparts education to the large mass of students all across the nation effectively and equally.

NIOS provides many courses up to the pre-degree level.  These include:

  • 3 levels of learning equivalent to classes III, V, VIII of the conventional school system.

  • A Secondary Education course equivalent to class X

  • A Senior Secondary Education Course equivalent to class XII

  • Vocational and other courses

Certainly, Open schooling systems like NIOS serve as a source of imparting education with flexibility in many cities all across the nation. Open schooling systems have undoubtedly helped students who want to reach new heights of success and want to learn more than just basic education. Various other advantages make it worth choosing NIOS which is a Life Saver for students under academic pressure to perform well.

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  Advantages of NIOS over other Schools

As we read NIOS provides opportunities to interested students by making available courses and programs of study through open and distance learning mode. Let’s check out the major advantages of NIOS over traditional schools.

1.   Learn at your own pace

An important advantage of open schooling is that you can learn at your own pace. NIOS allows you to choose subjects they wish to learn from a list of subjects. Also, you do not need to attend classes regularly. You do not need to give exams of all the subjects at the same time. NIOS offers examinations where a learner has the freedom to choose date and time for the examination.

2.   Freedom for Students

Open is committed to impart quality education to masses irrespective of their caste, creed, gender and religion of students. There is no upper age limit for any of the learning programs. Flexibility for students in attending classes, exams and learning is the core advantage of NIOS.

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3.   No time frame

We already read about the flexibility offered for students. A student can decide when to write the exam in NIOS. 1 year of traditional schooling can be done in 4 or 5 years or even more according to the students’ decision. There’s no specific time frame like conventional school has.

4.   Examination Chances

The public examinations for NIOS students are held twice in a year. However, you can register at NIOS and can appear for nine examinations in five years. You are free to choose subject combinations as per your needs and goals. NIOS exams are equivalent to any authorized educational board of India- CBSE, ICSE or State Specific Boards. With NIOS Exam Preparation Tips and easy learning, you can complete your education successfully.

5.   Quality Education

Quality of education is always important. NIOS provides quality education regardless of being an open school. The government has endowed NIOS with the authority to conduct the examination transparently. The certificates provided by NIOS are equivalent to the certificates provided by the state board or others.

6.   Transfer of Credits

You will have the option to get the credit transferred to two subjects, provided these subjects are passed in the last five years. The credits will be given only in those subjects which are included in the NIOS scheme of studies.

7. Curriculum

The curriculum of NIOS is of quality that aims to reach the learner’s aims and goals.  It is open and life-oriented.

8.   Learning for everyone

NIOS provides true learning for everyone. NIOS reaches out to physically, mentally, socially, geographically and disadvantaged groups through suitable learning and delivery mechanisms. No student is excluded based on any trait. This is the ultimate advantage of open schooling.

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  Why NIOS a Life Saver?

NIOS can undoubtedly be called a ‘ lifesaver’. But for which category of students? Read below to find out which groups will largely gain the advantage, choosing NIOS.

Students of various difficulties in going to a regular exam can still learn through NIOS. A large group of students have fear for schools or leave school in the middle. Peer pressure, heavy assignments, and homework load, and many more are the reasons. With NIOS, these problems are solved.

For children who are disabled in one form or other physically or mentally, NIOS learning is more advantageous. As students can take up the subjects in  NIOS according to their own wish, it gives them the freedom to learn what they want in their life. It makes them comfortable to choose and write the exam according to their convenience.

Students through open schooling can also spend time in extracurricular activities, sports, or other hobbies that they wish to pursue. If you wish to take up career paths in sports or any arts and if you find regular classes are time-consuming, NIOS is the option to choose.

NIOS offers no upper age restrictions in learning. One reason why you can choose NIOS is that you can learn in your comfortable language. There are 9 different languages in which NIOS offers instruction including Hindi, English, Urdu, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, and Odia.

If you are a slow learner or a weak student, NIOS is the best option to continue your studies. Just like the regular board examination, you need to score a minimum of 33% to pass the examination but once you fail, you have to rewrite only those papers you failed for.

  Let’s Wrap Up

Regardless of the system of schooling you choose, it’s the quality of education that you have to look for. NIOS is undoubtedly a good option for students of different age groups, of different goals and passions, and slow learners. Moreover, NIOS is a Life Saver for students under academic pressure to perform well. So do not wait. Get your quality education and achieve your goals.


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