March 1, 2021

Why is OET best for Nurses and Doctors to Move into the US?

Occupational English Test (OET) for Nurses and Doctors to Move USA

The Occupational English Test (OET) checks a healthcare professional’s flair of English language. You might know how mandatory this exam is to enter the healthcare systems of different countries. However, it was rather disappointing to have only a few countries to accept this certification. Well, let me tell you that good times are coming your way. Thinking of migrating to the US? Then, the OET has now come up with great news.

 The OET test has been finally recognized as proof of English language proficiency in the US. You can practice your profession in the US and also apply for fellowship and residency programmes with the OET.

 Are you still hesitant whether or not to take an OET? Let me give you some sound reasons to help you make a decision. 


Your OET results will be recognised by two boards. They are responsible to ensure the overall readiness of medical graduates to enter the US healthcare system.

These are:

  • The  Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates  (ECFMG®)

  • the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER®)

Both these boards are headed by top medical licensing authorities who grant you unrestricted license to practice medicine in the US.

 For a nurse wishing to make a career in the US, the news is even bigger. The Nursing Regulatory Board of two states has announced their acceptance of international nurses, Florida and Oregon. However, let me bring something to your special notice. If you are applying for a license in Oregon, you will need a minimum score of 350, which is Grade B in all 4 areas. However, if you choose Florida instead, you can earn a license with a minimum score of 300, in all 4 areas with Grade C+.

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 Healthcare Specific

OET is uniquely designed to serve the healthcare sector and it includes:

  • Listening to doctor-patient consultations

  • Reading extracts from hospital guidelines, manuals or policy documents.

  • Writing a memo, a referral letter or a letter of discharge/ transfer letter.

  • Role-playing your profession.

 Broadly speaking, OET puts you only in commonplace situations. The test materials and questions are also familiar. You get to narrow down your study to focus on the healthcare-specific language alone. But other language skill tests in the US (IELTS and TOEFL) require you to gain academic English proficiency. As a result, you will have to broaden your study to multiple topics and information outlets.

Best Doctor’s Branches




Aviation/Aerospace Medicine

General Surgery

Blood Banking and Immuno Haematology

Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Monthly pregnancy Diet)

Blood Transfusion and Immuno. Haematology






There is no exam other than OET in the US that looks at your capacity to replicate medical English.

 Here are some other benefits of OET’s exclusive workplace design

  • Candidates taking the test claim to have greater confidence.

  • They are faced with contexts and conversations they are used to – making them comfortable during the exam.

  • It is comparatively easier than the IELTS because most of the US states accept the IELTS only with a score of 7.

  • The OET is an expensive choice but it’s likely that you can pass the OET in the first sitting- saving time and money

 All in all, you need to build on your existing capability of English language and strive for excellence.

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   Increases Credibility

Medical graduates may have the necessary educational qualifications and work experience to satisfy their employer. However, you become favorable to them only when you can manage your profession and communication hand in hand.

If you are a nurse you might know how an NCLEX-RN exam tests your eligibility for a nursing license. Then you can use an OET certificate to prove your work ability of English as a non-native speaker. You display yourself as a suitable international candidate to work in the US. Additionally, your verification process will also come through smoothly due to high credibility.

  Further Scope

The big news does not end with OET’s acceptance in Florida and Oregon. Getting an entry into these two states promises you a bright future. At a later point in time, you can apply for a practice license in other states of the US as well. Therefore consider migrating to Oregon and Florida with an OET as your first step to boost your career.

 Post Covid-19 Career Growth

I assume that your work abroad plans must have come to a standstill due to Covid-19. During these uncertain times, working abroad is not an immediate option. But with an OET you can be prepared to make a move any time. This is because the US healthcare system has been facing an extreme shortage of medical professionals. Hospitals have strained their existing employees to work overtime to curb the virus spread. Especially since the US has lifted its retrogression of nurses, the wake of Covid-19 can be a golden opportunity.

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  Workplace Success

Communication is an essential aspect of working in a foreign country. You will work with colleagues whose home country is the US. To achieve the same level of competency as theirs with fluency and clarity while conveying your information is important. With an OET exam, you can prepare yourself to facilitate any conversation smoothly. Your patients and colleagues are more satisfied to get their message across to you. This helps you gain success in the workplace and also arouse healthier relationships.

 Earn Respect

Americans give high regard to those working in the medical sector of their country. According to them, the healthcare sector ensures patients well-being and is the most ethical of all industries. But effective communication will stand in your way of achieving this respect from them. If you take an OET you are sure to overcome this hurdle. It shows your capability in handling empathetic communication and thereby earn trust.

  So why do you give up your American dream?

 When it comes to the question of working abroad, the US is sure to be one of the popular destinations. However, as a healthcare professional you must have been held back. This being the case, the US recognition of OET opens a path of hope. All the above-mentioned reasons tell you why taking an OET can be an excellent choice. The scope for medical graduates is endless in the coming years.

 Crack your OET at the earliest. A rewarding experience awaits you in the US!



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