March 5, 2021

Why is Engineering the Most Sought-after Career Option in India ?

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Engineering as a career has attracted multitudes of students in India and a huge number of aspirants appearing for the engineering exams are proof of this fact. Engineering is a multi-disciplinary field with many new disciplines and branches being supplemented due to the progression of science and technology. The reasons of popularity of engineering revolve around the growing number of private engineering colleges in the country, the high pay packages received by most of the engineering graduates, the wide range of career opportunities available after this degree course, and also the stereotypical mindset of the Indian parents about engineering as a career option. In India, a large number of students sit for different engineering exams every year like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, SRMJEE, VITEEE, BITSAT, etc, but many are not aware of the numerous career options that this profession offers. The key engineering disciplines and best engineering courses offered in most colleges are BTech Mechanical Engineering, Chemical, Electrical, Civil, and Aerospace engineering.



With the advancement of technology, many new engineering disciplines such as biotechnology, BTech CSE or Computer Science Engineering, genetic engineering, and automobile engineering have gained a lot of popularity among students in India. Let’s take a look at some of the most main reasons for the high demand for BTech courses in India.


Offers Myriad Options and Opportunities


These days, multiple sectors are available in the engineering industry, thus offering an opportunity to the students to opt for a bright career. Be it Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Chemical, or Software all are different categories that a student can choose from. If you feel that you have a knack for software and computers, then you can opt for BTech CSE or IT as your study area, but if cars and designing vehicles is what you like, then you can go for automobile engineering. If you think how all the infrastructural marvels are created, then delve deep in the civil engineering sector. It’s not an understatement that you can find a good opportunity in virtually every field or sector as an engineer, as long as you have done the related study. But as there are so many choices available for a student, make sure that you can find the best engineering course that is suitable for you.


The Popularity of Science Stream


Most of the Indian parents compel their children to opt for the Science stream in the +2 curriculum. The main reason for this thinking is the stereotyping of arts and commerce streams. The majority of the parents still think that arts and commerce don’t enable in offering productive career opportunities. Also, it is a prevalent mindset that the best or top-performing students opt for Science, whereas Commerce and Arts are taken up by the remaining students. Therefore, after opting for the Science stream, a student is obviously expected to pursue the most popular course “Engineering”.


Money Always Matters


Most of the people in India have stereotyped engineering courses with a lot of money in it. Claims of engineering college placements and fat pay packages offered by private engineering colleges have further reinforced these perceptions. Most parents tend to believe that their children would be assured good jobs financially after graduating from their engineering colleges. India still being a developing country, anything related to money is obviously met with welcoming reception and mass attention, and that has been the case with engineering courses too.


In Huge Demand


As the Indian industry is growing at a fast pace, there is definitely no shortage of engineering jobs worldwide. However, there’s high competition all over, and thus, engineers must have a sharp eye on every available opportunity and they should develop and hone their skills as per the need of the hour and then grab any opportunity that comes their way.


Feasibility in Pursuing Engineering


There is a large number of engineering colleges in India today. Though the seats offered in government engineering colleges are quite limited to accommodate all the aspirants in the country, there are many private engineering colleges in the country that have come up with plenty of seats to cater to thousands of engineering aspirants in India. A spectacular upsurge in the number of private engineering colleges has been witnessed in the past few years in India and these private colleges are extremely successful in filling the big demand-supply gap as far as engineering education in India is concerned. Today, almost all states in the country have a large number of private engineering colleges, and therefore, the students don’t have to worry about traveling too far from their homes for pursuing engineering.


Service to the Society


Another point about engineers, which is not really a talked-about aspect of their career, is the advantage they offer to the society or country with their work. Be it manufacturing, making new software, medical advancement, or implementing systems that make the community safe and sound, everything invented by engineers is beneficial for the society in a big way.


Let’s take a look at the B.Tech courses that one can choose from:

Offered Specializations
Mechanical EngineeringAutomobile, Robotics, and Automation
Computer Science Engineering (CSE)Cyber Security, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence
Electronics and CommunicationsInternet of Things
Engineering ScienceEnvironmental Science, Materials Science, Nano Science, Geospatial Science


So, whichever course you opt for, rest assured, engineering studies offer you many opportunities and a chance to make a bright career.

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