February 27, 2021

Useful Tips and Strategies to score 95% in Class 10 Board Exams

Useful Tips and Strategies to score 95% in Class 10 Board Exams

The life of every student has been majorly affected during the COVID-19. Online schooling is not really helping everyone. There is quite lot of  pressure on the students of class 10th and class 12th. The board examination acts as a stepping stone for our glorious future. Both class 10th and 12th boards have great significance in student’s education. Class 10th boards are the first board examination in a student’s life. It helps to decide what stream to opt which is a main step in deciding their future. We’re guessing there are a lot of students fighting off nervousness and stress. There’s no need to panic about it, here are some quick and useful strategies to score 95% in your class 10th CBSE board exams:

Useful Strategies to score 95% in Class 10th Board Exams:

  • Stay focused

There are so many distractions these days: text messages, videos, email, and social media. In order to concentrate, you must eliminate those things that you know will distract you. Turn your cell phones to silent mode, sit in a quiet room, maybe put on some light music, do not check your messages regularly as proper concentration is way too important for you to stay focused for better learning of things.

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  • Make a study planner

Plan a daily schedule of all the topics that you need to cover that day. Make a study planner allotting time for each subject. Make checklist with topics you’ll cover and put a small tick after completing. At the end of the day appreciate yourself, set up little rewards for yourself, focus on the small wins.   


  • Solve previous years’ papers

Solving previous year papers help you in better revision of your syllabus. No matter how much you think you’ve learnt, unless you practice you wouldn’t know how much learning you have retained. The examiners have a tendency to repeat some of the important questions over a number of years. Solving previous question papers can also help you to predict the type of questions and the exam pattern which makes it easier for you to attempt the paper.


  • Stick to the ncert textbook

The pattern that has been observed over the years is that the maximum question paper is prepared from the ncert books. Ncert books cover all basics and fundamentals of each and every topic for all subjects to help the students in understanding the concepts easily and quickly.

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  • Work on your presentation skills

Presentation to exam is an art. The way you present your answer sheet plays an important role as it gives an immediate impression to the examiner. For a neat presentation, convert the paragraph answers into pointers, give space between each word, use flow charts, do not decorate your answer sheets, work on your handwriting and always underline the main keywords of every answers. The interest that you show in presenting your answers correctly and neatly will get you good marks in your examination.


  • Challenge yourself

Create a target and set goals per subject on a daily basis. Quiz yourself, make mini tests and evaluate them, make questions from each chapter. This will help you realize how much you’ve learnt so far and would even develop your interest in the respective subject.


  • Manage your time

Time management is very important for the smooth functioning of your day. It is important for you to take regular study breaks and not put a lot of pressure on yourself. Prioritize your work, your family time and your other activities. Make a time-table if possible. By taking the time to arrange you priorities, you can give yourself the best chance of staying on track and organized.


  • Know what to study

The syllabus of class 10th generally has five subjects: English, maths, science, social studies and a third language. Here are a few subject wise study tips that might come handy:


Write all formulae, experiments and derivations at one place and go through them at least once in a day.

PHYSICS- get a grip on the fundamental concepts

CHEMISTRY- study the reactions thoroughly, make charts and revise them as and when possible

BIOLOGY- the subject is mostly theory, so get through the important definitions and functions.


If you want to score A1 in maths then it’s important for you to focus on the formulas and it’s usage. Practice is the most important aspect to understand maths, without practice it’ll be difficult to attempt questions. So, practice is a must.


Re-read the chapters and try understanding them. Make table of the important dates. Make your own notes in addition to the school ones. Practice map work by tracing the important locations.


It is an extreme scoring subject. Work on your writing skills regularly. Follow its format religiously. In the grammar section, just practice, brush up your basic rules. For the literature, read all the chapters carefully and learn how to frame question/answers.


  • Study smartly

Don’t limit yourself to one study method like reading a textbook. Adopt different methods every time. Make study cards. Play quizes. Watch educational videos if they are available. Make colourful notes. Variety will give you joy and keep you interested in your studies.


  • Focus on skills, not grades

Do dreams, goals, family or even friends require a mark sheet? Of course, not! Your class 10th grades are no way a measure of your ability to understand things. These examinations are important but they are not your life. Follow your heart, study regularly and take it easy on yourself. No academic exam has the power to destroy your dreams and opportunities. Practice hard and any percentage you get through honest efforts are more than enough.

“Success is not final, fear is not fatal, it is the confidence to continue that counts.” Do not let fear, anxiety or stress hamper your preparations. Everything you want is at the other side of fear. Believe in yourself and have confidence in yourself. Work hard and follow these tips to ace your board exams.





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