Tips and Strategies to prepare for NEET Exam

Tips and Strategies to prepare for NEET Exam

Tip 1:

The major mistake most of the NEET aspirants make is that they think they will clear the NEET exam just by joining popular NEET online coaching center. Instead one should pay attention to understand every concept and then leave extra learning for better preparation on coaching classes.

It is very much valuable to gain every bit of knowledge from various places as the syllabus of classes 11 and 12 the very much different from the 10th.

Tip 2:

NCERT books of 11th and 12th class of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology are the most ideal textbooks for the NEET preparation. As these books content concise and to-the-point content, it makes it easy for aspirants to understand and learn. Simple language from these NCERT books saves a lot of time for NEET aspirants.

Tip 3:

You may have successful candidates around you but it is not necessary that following other successful candidates’ strategies will work for you. You need to design and follow your own preparation strategies according to your strong and weak points. Nobody can stop you from achieving you from success if you follow your strategies sincerely.

Strategies to Prepare for NEET

Create a timetable which should be followed:

. Create a timetable according to your activities and habits so that all will goes according to timetable and it will be followed.

. Just don’t copy others timetable and start preparing instead analyze your sleeping, eating habits suppose you can wake up early in the morning so can design your study timetable accordingly.

. While creating a timetable keep in mind the times of your school, coaching so that nothing will be hampered and your preparation will go smoothly.

. Don’t forget to put breaks in timetable because your brain needs a break after a specific time, so continuous learning can decrease the grasping power as you can’t focus on the same for a longer period of time.

. With good planning and design, you can easily study for at least 6 hours daily.

. After completing your school syllabus your school ends and then you can put more houses to study.

Figure out your monthly goals:

. Make a habit of completing all the syllabus as soon as it has been taught in school. Once you end up with particular topic preparation practice it’s important questions and MCQs.

. Figure out the time left for the preparation and divide available time to all chapters that to learn. So, after calculating it comes out to be 1 chapter in 2 days then make sure that you are covering that chapter in 2 days. This way you can set your monthly goals.

. To start with, you should study all the things that have been taught in school. After you complete a topic, practice its important questions and MCQs.

Self-assessment is essential:

. Self-assessment is necessary for every exam preparation that helps you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Solve more and more MCQs that is the best way to strengthen your preparation. After completing the syllabus attempt mock test as it gives you feel of attempting actual exam and helps to figure out topics that need to work hard which ultimately strengthens yourself.

Try to convert your weaknesses into strengths:

Once you know about your strengths and weaknesses seek the help from teacher and mentor or expertise of the particular topic. Clearing concept is like building a foundation if the foundation will be strong then it will make it easier to prepare the further syllabus. If you are well known about the concept you can change the problem-solving approach accordingly to save time and increasing the problem-solving speed.

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