February 27, 2021

Mechanical Engineering – An Evergreen Branch of Engineering Studies

Mechanical Engineering admission

Mechanical Engineering is mostly considered as the most popular and evergreen branch in engineering studies. Being the oldest engineering branch, we can see Mechanical Engineering dating back to many millenniums when the wheel was created and mounted on an axle to put it to use. In our society, we witness various inventions and the creation of devices, machines, and instruments that enhance the conditions of life.

Earlier, the scope of Mechanical Engineering revolved around the areas such as Power Sector, Refrigeration, Automotive Sector, Air Conditioning, and Aerospace. Then, it expanded to cities like thermodynamics, kinematics, robotics, structural analysis, and fluid mechanics, etc. In the last few years, the scope of Mechanical Engineering has grown exponentially, and it is more interdisciplinary. It is the reason that Mechanical Engineers are in huge demand in newer fields like biomedical applications, nanotechnology, development of composite materials, and environmental conservation.


The Scope of Mechanical Engineering is Widening


So any B.Tech Mechanical Engineering graduate can get employed at any organization or institute where innovations take place. After completing B.Tech Engineering, students can get a job in various government agencies, in the research and development sector of any industries, or the management or consulting sector. Other than that, new construction, machinery, and infrastructure often require mechanical engineers for the creation and also for future service and maintenance.

Skilled mechanical engineers have a rising demand both in India and abroad. The market for B.Tech Mechanical Engineering graduates is expanding more than ever before, and this branch is set to be the highest-paid in the engineering group.


Here are some of the top industries that recruit Mechanical Engineers:

  • Aerospace: Be it manufacturing, or maintenance of machinery used in the aerospace industry, Mechanical Engineers are an integral contributor. Highly skilled Mechanical Engineers are needed to design, create, assemble, and research about all the aerospace machinery. 
  • Construction Industry: Mechanical Engineering graduates have the skill and expertise to manage the structural stability of any dam, building, road, or any other construction site. From making a design to ventilation, everything related to a building remains under the strict attention of the Mechanical Engineers who work in these projects.
  • Automobile Industry: From designing various vehicles, manufacturing them, to the sale and marketing of those vehicles, the role of Mechanical Engineers is crucial. Thus, to keep the socio-economic framework moving, Mechanical Engineering graduates are needed in huge numbers in the automotive industry.
  • Marine Industry: The marine industry handles a lot of challenging tasks like trading and national safety. The vast vessels, submarines, ships, oil rigs – all need expert regulation and supervision of the Mechanical Engineers in the manufacturing stage, operation, and maintenance.
  • Utility Industry: Mechanical Engineers are also required to maintain the necessities of life like water and electricity supply, telecommunication, and many other infrastructural facilities. Without the support of these infrastructural amenities, the utility industry cannot function optimally. Therefore, B.Tech Mechanical Engineering graduates are considered to be essential resources for this industry too.



B.Tech Courses in BML Munjal University


The BML Munjal University in Gurgaon, India, is a top-notch educational institution that offers B. Tech Mechanical Engineering and other B.Tech courses in Computer Science, and Electronics and Communication. The institute spreads across a vast and world-class campus with all modern technologies and facilities. What sets it apart is the latest curriculum, its experiential learning approach, and its superior pedagogy.


The university offers B.Tech courses to students who want to make a career in the field of engineering. So, if you have a technical bent of mind, you can apply for an engineering program at the BML Munjal University’s School of Engineering and Technology (SOET). The university aims to foster technically sound engineers who contribute and add value to their respective engineering fields by using their innovative skills.


Training at BMU


The B.Tech students at BMU are trained to innovate and design enterprise solutions in the area of technology with extensive research and use of engineering applications. They benefit enormously from the Hero group’s network and experience in the field of innovation and spend about 45 per cent of their learning time on experiential and hands-on learning in state-of-the-art labs. These labs in the SOET campus are designed by organizations like IBM, Shell, Intel, and Siemens.


The Curriculum of B.Tech Courses


The engineering courses at BMU are co-designed by the reputed Imperial College London. Around 25 students get an opportunity to pursue a one-year Master of Science program at the Imperial College London Business School. Along with that, all the B.Tech engineering students get a chance to join various innovation camps and credit-based courses that include activities like guest lectures, workshops, site visits, etc.


Institute of Inclusive Innovation


BMU and Imperial College London have collaborated and are the joint founders of the Institute of Inclusive Innovation and also applied research institute at the Gurgaon campus. B.Tech students gain a lot of experience in comprehending and solving critical problems when they work on live projects in areas such as energy, water, sanitation, health, and rural and urban development.


B.Tech Courses Offered by BMU


The deemed university offers engineering courses in the following branches:


  • Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Engineering Science (ES)

Specializations in BMU

Mechanical EngineeringAutomobile Engineering 

Robotics and Automation
Electronics and Communication Engineering

Internet of Things (IoT)

Computer Science and EngineeringData Science and Artificial Intelligence 

Cyber Security
Engineering ScienceEnvironmental Science

Geospatial Science
Nano Science

Materials Science


BMU Placements


There was a 100 percent placement for the 2019 batch, and about 25 per cent placement for B.Tech 2020 batch was done in February. The highest package that an engineering student has got is a whopping INR 40 lakh annual CTC. The average yearly package in February 2020 was INR 5,52,000 and many leading companies such as DBL, Hero, Dell, etc. are among the recruiting firms for the 2020 batch.



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