March 9, 2021

How to efficiently prepare for the JEE main examination

Jee Main preparation tips

JEE Main is an entrance exam that offers you the opportunity of studying in one of the top colleges of India. NIT, IIT, and GFTIS are a few of the most prestigious institutions from where the students dream of pursuing their education. Cracking the exam is quite a challenging task for many aspirants. 


Since 2019, the engineering entrance exam JEE Main has been held twice a year. The examination is most often conducted in January and April. The first paper (Paper 1) is entirely computer-based. The second paper, on the other hand, is paper and pen-based. The second paper is chiefly for students wanting to pursue their degree in B.Arch. Understanding the significant aspects of this examination can help you prepare smartly for it. With that said, we’ve narrowed down a few of the most beneficial tips and tricks that you can utilize before giving your JEE Main Exam.



Start preparing for the exam about 4 months prior


Studying the entire syllabus of JEE is a must if you truly want to ace the exam. JEE Main is said to be one of the toughest exams to crack. However, don’t get disheartened yet. With deliberate and in-depth preparation, you can very well ace this exam. Start studying for the exam at least 3-6 months before the exam date so that you cover each topic of the paper thoroughly. Smart studying can be highly beneficial in the long run. Spending 30-60 minutes per day studying for JEE can help you score well in the exam. Organize and plan your schedule and break down the topics that you should study per day. You can cover the entire syllabus this way.



Buy the relevant books for studying the syllabus.



Most of the students make the mistake of buying the wrong study material while preparing for JEE Main. Wrong and ineffective study materials will stop you from achieving your desired scores. Making use of several reference books can be disadvantageous and confusing as well. The two chief books/materials to follow while studying for the exam are 10+2 syllabus study material and the study material offered by your coaching centers. Studying for JEE from the most relevant books can help boost your score. Thus, don’t unnecessarily waste your time studying for the exam with the help of extensive information.



Make use of practice mock tests.



Mock tests are practice tests that come with a similar set of questions such as the JEE main exam to train you for solving the questions and get an idea about the question pattern. OTS offers excellent JEE Main Mock Test exam preparation training so that you don’t miss out on the chance of getting into your desired college. JEE Main is an advanced-level exam and requires exceptional studying. Thus, making use of the right JEE Main mock test paper for revising can help you remember the vital topics for a much longer time. Online Test Series (OTS) conducts various online tests to help you improve the understanding of the core topics.



Learn to manage your time.



Time-management is one of the most indispensable factors to ace the JEE Main paper. With a plethora of time-consuming questions, most students end up wasting their time on the difficult questions, thereby losing out on marks. It is advised that you should first attempt the questions you know thoroughly and then go back to the difficult ones to save you time as well as gain maximal marks. Revising efficiently every day can help you strengthen your core skills, thereby having the best chance at acing the paper. Practice Mock Tests can help you improve your skills and understanding of the concepts. 



Focus on the most difficult subjects 



Most often, students tend to leave out the difficult questions to ace the easier ones. However, this can have an adverse effect. Preparing each section of the JEE Main paper is necessary to have the maximal possibility of scoring well. You might prepare well for the sections you are good at and still not be able to solve them during the exam. Thus, spending quality time on revising the subjects you are weak at can be quite fruitful. Revise and repeat to get a better idea of the type of questions and the syllabus. Make use of mock tests, previous year question papers, and a good coaching center to ace the JEE Main paper with ease.


To sum up

With hard work and calculated preparation, dedicated aspirants can easily clear the JEE Main paper. Making use of the above points and accurately preparing for the exam can provide you with the desired results.

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