11 Tips for Success in JEE Main 2021 | Preparation Tips To Crack JEE Main

Jee Main 2021 Preparation Tips and Tricks

Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is an exam for admission in Indian Institute of Technology,  National Institute Technology, IIIT’s and Government Funded Institutes. This exam is  essential (not mandatory) and is a portal of opportunities for all the students who take  Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in grade 11 & 12. Coming on the part which you are  waiting for I present you those 11 tips: 


It’s mandatory for each examinee to know the syllabus and text-books to refer while preparing for the exam. Also it’s important to know which chapters are a must for all the  shifts for the exam. Though it’s suggested to provide a day so that you can at least make up  the time table and a list of the syllabus but it’s also important that you do not over plan. 


Apart from books you should have someone like a senior, a teacher, or a doubt clearing portal  where you can ask about any difficulties that you may face while preparing. Sometimes it’s  told by the seniors that “You should plan your time on your own” well you should but  DON’T HESITATE IN ASKING SOMEONE. It’s better to ask than making it a grim task.  


It’s very essential, important and mandatory that you plan things well. It’s advisable to join a  coaching center as they usually take up the task of preparing timetables and plan things out  for you as they have an experience. These days you can find tutors who can help you any day  and just charge you for that day. So financial constraints don’t hamper until you plan well.  But again I’ll mention that don’t over plan. 

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Once you have clarity over the syllabus, someone to help you out and have planned well then  it’s time to execute. It’s better to spend at least 5 hours with each other than school or  school+coaching hours. Mostly the teacher’s advice to sit for 7-8 hours but that’s achievable  once you start taking small steps.  


Now sometimes ex-jee aspirants (who may/may not have cleared the exam) say that for one who is hardworking the environment never matters. While it could be true but isn’t a truth as if it  was then libraries all around the world wouldn’t tell you to maintain silence. It’s a fact that many  people work better when they are in a peaceful and a non-distracting space. So it’s up to you  whether to study in silence when you are up in the night or if you manage to study in the chaos of the daylight  

6)Quantity and Quality: 

Many say quality over quantity, yes it’s true but only when you have practiced a good  number of questions. It’s preferred to do more number of easy and moderate questions when  you encounter a new topic but do moderate to hard questions when you want to reach at a 

good level once you end a chapter. Doing easy questions gives confidence while doing hard  questions enable us to think more. So quality and quantity should go hand in hand. 


Many students finish chapters properly but struggle to revise them again as it becomes a new  chapter for many. It’s advised to create a 2-page summary for each chapter and that you glance at it once a week. Don’t make the sheet too much explanatory as you are going to revise it  properly once at the end of the month. It’s a herculean task for everyone but believe it or not  it’s as important as breathing for a human. So proper revision is a must. 

8)Test Series: 

There are countless test series in the market, well don’t enquire about each as you have a  limited time and don’t expect that all your seniors would be knowing about each one you ask  for. It’s advised to go for a one that fits your pocket and also is actually aligned towards the  exam. Don’t think that a new organization would be worthless as all are good. If they are still  costly then go for traditional books that have papers and ask doubts whoever is helping you (a  senior, a teacher, or a doubt clearing portal). 

9)Social Media: 

It’s advised to be social by not using social media. You have friends around you in school  and parents at home to ask or share things. It’s stupid to have social media accounts till you  aren’t in college or aren’t doing any social uplifting activity for which you need to inform  everyone else. 

10)Hobbies and Peace: 

It’s important that you are not just studying all the time. Continue with the hobbies it’ll make  you happy. Go for a walk or a dinner with your parents, as they’ll ask you once you study  hard. Take it as a reward.  

11)Have faith: 

No matter whatever situation turns up, keep trying and put in the effort as sometimes it may  take a sprout but once it’s over you’ll grow beautifully. There could be times when you got  poor marks or you couldn’t understand a topic or you didn’t stick to your plan. Don’t worry  but work. You’ll be able to fill in the gap. 

With this I hope you got to know how to structure and prepare yourself for JEE.  Following this for any exam will fetch you results I assure you about it.

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