11 Free Math Apps that Students Should Never Miss

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In the last two decades, continuous technical advancement has dramatically changed the education process. Nowadays, most students use a lot of applications on their smart gadgets to study different subjects. 

However, it is vital to find a reliable and free app that helps the students to cover different chapters of a particular subject. Here, you will get the details of the readily available applications that can support every child to learn Mathematics quickly.

Top Free Math Apps for Students

Here is the list of 11 best Math apps that you can find on your smartphone’s app store and access it for free. These apps could be the best if you or your child is having difficulty in learning the concepts of mathematics. 


  • Math Whizz

Math Whizz is one of the leading free math applications that help school students mainly. Children of age 5 to 13 can conveniently use the Math Whiz application to learn the basic concepts of the subject.

maths whizz

It strictly follows the guidelines of the best school education curriculums of the leading countries like the UK, USA and India. With this app, you can not only help your child to learn maths properly but track their performance and ability too. As a guardian, you can get access to the app reports easily. The best thing about Maths Whiz is that you can download it easily from the web browser. 


  • Prodigy Game

Prodigy Game is a well-known maths app that you can access freely. It is best for students who study in classes 1-8. You can install this app from Google Play, App Store and web browser as well.


Due to its high-end technical design and beautiful interface, Prodigy game is not only famous among the students but the teachers also. Prodigy Game allows a student to complete different projects in a playful manner that helps them to learn various concepts of maths. 

If you want to track the progress of a student, try out the diagnostic tests available on the app.  The test reports can show the progress of your ward. Moreover, if you are using the app on your own, try to give the diagnostic test honestly to know your level of success. 

  • Geometry Pad 

Geometry is one of the main sections of Mathematics, and many students face problems to understand or solve it. Geometry Pad comes as digital support to help the students understand different theorems of Geometry and practise it correctly. 

Geometry Pad

You can download this app on all the leading app stores. To make the most out of Geometry Pad, you can solve the app-generated assignments. 

  • Math Training For Kids

Math Training for Kids is a free Math app specially designed for children between 3 to 5  years. On daily usage, you can help your child to learn all the necessary things about Maths easily. They can comfortably solve problems on basic Arithmetic numericals.

maths training

Moreover, there are children-friendly exercises on the app that your child can regularly solve too. 

  • CK12

CK12 is a cross-platform, free math app which acts as a support system for the high school and college students. If you are looking for an application that can support you with high-standard mathematics, CK12 is the best pick.


CK12 can be used for getting practise materials every day to enhance solving skills. The main section in which CK12 has the best content is Algebra. All students can access the BrainGenie section to solve different types of sums on Algebra. 

Simulation classes are also present in CK12 that helps the students to learn mathematics virtually in a realistic manner. 

  • Photomath

Photomath is one of the most advanced Math applications given the features it contains. This app connects to the camera of your smartphone to provide you with proper support. All you have to do is focus on a specific Math problem and the interface of  Photomath can instantly solve it. 


As a user, you can also write a problem on the app and it will guide you with the process to solve it. The best thing about Photomath is its compatibility with a lot of languages. It supports 36 global languages and has a tracking feature like most other free Math apps. 

When it comes to the availability of Photomath, you can find it on both Google Playstore and the App Store. 

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  • Play: Adding

Play: Adding is a well-known app that can help a child to learn the basics of maths effortlessly. It is best for children between 5 to 8 years. Play: Adding is, however, present only on the Apple store. You can help your child understand primary Arithmetics with the help of this app. 

Also, make your ward face the quiz and tests that the app generates regularly. It will help him/her to clarify all the doubts and become fluent on solving the sums. 

  • Brainscape Flashcards

Students who love maths have a positive outlook on the Brainscape Flashcard app as it provides them with well-structured study materials. Maths teachers around the world also recommend it for the features it offers. 

Brainscape Flashcards

With the Brainscape Flashcard application, you get a scientific approach to learning mathematics. So, you can expect to remember every concept of mathematics lifelong.

  • BuzzMath

BuzzMath is a leading application for learning Maths free in the USA. It strictly follows the guidelines of CCSS. It can solve more than 3000 types of problems in different mathematical sections. 


Many students rely on BuzzMath as it allows them to enter problems in different ways and provides a suitable interface where they can solve the problems conveniently. In case, a student solves a Mathematical problem in a wrong way,  he/she can try it several times.

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Due to its compatibility with Android and iOS, you can download it on any device. There is a tracker feature in BuzzMath too, but the users can access it on the paid version only. 

  •  Singapore Maths

Singapore Maths is the best free Math app. The approach followed by the app completely matches the guidelines of the CCSS. In this app, you can learn Arithmetic while visualizing it. 


Singapore Maths helps you with a comprehensive guide to change a complicated problem to an easy one. Moreover, it contains 500+ games and videos from where you can take the references.

You can also access Singapore Maths for completely free from your Android and iOS smartphones but only for the trial period. After the trial period gets over, you need to choose a package with a subscription fee to access it.  

  •  MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator is another free Math app that the students of the elementary and high school can use. It has a simple interface and cross-platform compatibility. The free version of MyScript Calculator can guide the students with their Math problems and provide them with a digital platform for solving sums. 

This app is smoothly installable from Google Play and the App Store.

Final Words

At present, there are numerous Math apps available in the app stores. However, you need to check if the app provides you with authentic support. Moreover, you need to be clear regarding your necessities while downloading a particular Math app.


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