March 9, 2021

Know more about distance education programs

Distance education program

Nowadays every other student prefers to study in their comfort zone while preparing for the exams. They have a tendency to relax and work without time-bounded.  These students so opt for correspondence learning or in other words distance education programs. These programs help the student study as per their comfort and they are not in a fix to be present at a particular time for the classes. The program gives them the flexibility to study the subjects when they are free from their course work or from their usual activity.

The correspondence learning has many perks for students who want to achieve high goals. The distance education programs are appreciable by many students but it has some disadvantages which trap them and hold their self-belief to prove themselves. 


Here are some advantages which help the students taking up the distance education programs:


Flexible study time:

The students who choose correspondence learning have a maximum learning period. The student who chooses distance education programs is usually those who are working while working. Secondly, some students whose financial condition is not strong to attend a regular coaching class opt for this option.

 No communication:

The students who opt for distance learning have barely any communication with anyone for taking the brief regarding any subject. Moreover, many correspondence learners do their research on the online platform which limits their communication with other fellow mates preparing for the exams. The learning can be progressed in the most comfort zone like in a room, or any corner where the person feels relaxed.


The students who take-up online classes or self-study through old books and practice papers are less expensive than going into the coaching classes. The distance education programs are more convenient than the classes attended for hours. Students can learn and develop their mental skills at home in their comfort level.

Comfort learning:

The students who are shy and feel embarrassed while asking questions in the classroom and the students who are working are not able to sit for hours and attend the class. Rather they get comfortable in leaning their tasks at home through practice papers and online videos for clearing the issues in any topic. 



Here are some disadvantages which restrict the students from taking up the distance education programs


  1. No social interaction: The students who take up the correspondence learning to achieve their goals end up with having left alone as they do not have anyone to discuss the studies and also other students opted for going to the classes so they also end up having the less interaction.


  1. Distracted surroundings: The students who opt for distance learning programs have to study at home where everyone including his/her family members goes deep into the interaction they forget that their child id studying at it ends up disturbing him/her. During the discussion, the students don’t realize that they are indirectly or directly getting into the conversation which was not thought of. It affects the student’s grades in the mock test and even it will affect the end results of the main exams. 


  1. Intricate technology: The students who are tech-friendly can easily hang out with the online videos anytime or they can even fix the problem that occurred during the online session. But the students who are not so technology-friendly and are able to learn the problem that occurred during the distance learning program online can suffer in attaining fewer grades in their exams and mock tests. 


  1. The credibility of correspondence learning: taking up the learning option which is not so taken up by every other person always brings up its credibility of acceptance in the society. In todays era, every other option which helps in developing the skills and mental ability is praised by everyone. But the distance learning programs are such which are not so appreciated by everyone as it gives the students a more comfortable level of studying which cuts down the seriousness of the learning. Even it lessen up the interaction with the fellow mates and also the teacher-student relationship is not maintained due to virtual learning. 


The end result of taking the distance learning programs wholly depends upon the students. There are drawbacks and the same amount of advantages which help as well as it creates problems for the students. It is the choice of the course in which they want to go ahead and if the course needs self-study then the students can take distance learning programs but if the course is intricate then they should opt for coaching classes where they can interact and get their issues cleared for better leaning.

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