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Whatman Capsule Filter

Whatman Polycap capsule filters is a key component when filtering liquid volumes from 5 to 100 liters, which often requires products that permit high throughput and flow rates.

Whatman capsule filters combine high-efficiency media and innovative design features with a choice of filtration media for a wide range of applications. However, when off-the-shelf capsule filters do not sufficiently meet your needs, a custom part or new product design could be the solution.

Degrees of Whatman Capsule Filter Customization

The degree of customization can vary from simple changes to complex modifications.

Simple changes include modifying end fittings choosing from a range of different connectors, printing/hot stamping, pad printing, and changes to pack size. For example, in scale-up operations, larger pack sizes can be cost effective and rapidly implemented.

More complex modifications might need further design input, expert advice, and testing focused on specific end-user requirements. These modifications could include changes to media/filtration membrane combinations or sterilization for incorporation into the your protocol or equipment.

Custom Capsule Filter: The Customization Procedure

All customizations begin with detailed discussions about the requirements. For complex modifications, these discussions involve a core team of experts and the development of prototype capsule filter products. Successful trials of these or subsequent prototypes lead to the production of the final customized filtration product.

The capsule filter customization procedure is summarized below:

Initial discussion

High-level discussions with a local representative specify your filtration requirements and desired outcomes. Complex requests lead to a consultation with the relevant filtration experts to discuss feasibility of customization and following stages.

Expert consultation

For complex modifications, a core team of filtration experts with relevant backgrounds, such as R&D, process engineering, and product management, consult with you on the project. This core team discusses your application and the parameters, such as particle retention and flow rate, that support filtration performance needs and physical characteristics.

The experts advise on the most suitable approach to meet your requirements, discuss any potential problems and challenges, and offer a choice of solutions. Challenges the core team addresses might include unintended effects on the overall product given the choices made with the customized capsule. Experience and expertise enables the team to address many of these challenges at an early stage. Following the detailed discussion, the customization experts review the feasibility and costs to manufacture and test prototypes.

Testing Whatman Capsule Filters and Producing Prototypes

Testing small numbers of initial prototypes in-house and at your facility generates valuable data to identify the most appropriate solution and direct any further modifications. The agreed process might include production of a second series of prototypes and testing, if required.

For example, a prototype capsule filter with a modified media combination might differ in key properties, such as flow rates, from the original. If this difference affects performance, the customization experts review and suggest additional solutions/media combinations.

In this example, a second prototype might be built with different media combinations, and re-evaluated in-house and at the facility. The supplier’s technical specialist might also be on site to review data and advise in person.

In addition to confirming the product meets specifications, testing small trial batches on site also provides you with confidence that the customizations work as intended in their process or product.

Whatman Capsule Filter Quantities and Manufacturing Capabilities

After you approve a prototype of a customized solution, the supplier and manufacturer agree on a scale-up process to produce the needed capsule filter quantity. This agreement includes the QC release criteria and a process qualification.

A process qualification makes sure the manufacturing process is robust, scalable, and repeatable. The qualification will also align the device designer and capsule filter manufacturer on requirements, such as the need to work to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Examples of this process might include scaling up a prototype capsule filter to a batch of up to 500 units with extensive validation throughout. This volume resembles a real-world order, providing you with confidence in supply sustainability for the long term.

At the end of this validation process the supplier can make customized products available to order.

About Dscbalances Whatman Capsule Filter Services

Our Whatman Polycap capsule filters are available in three sizes with effective filtration surface areas ranging from 500 to 1500 cm2. Capsules are available with membranes such as PES, nylon, PTFE, and non-woven polypropylene and glass fiber depth medias. Carbon Cap also contains activated carbon for organic absorption. The capsules are available with a variety of end fittings such as different size hose barbs and both male and female threaded connections.

Sterile and non-sterile options are also available. Whatman Polycap capsule filters are recommended for filtration of large volumes of liquids or gases. Pleated cartridges provide large membrane surface area within a compact capsule housing for high throughput and high flow rates. A wide selection of media provides efficient filtration solutions such as removal of larger particulates with depth filter media or removal of bacteria through membrane filtration.

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