March 1, 2021

These Essential Skills Will Be Vital in the Workplace in 2021

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The coronavirus disrupted conventional employment systems in 2020 causing sweeping changes. It altered the way humans work around the globe. Millions of employees and entrepreneurs have been forced to accept the new normal. Discover six essential skills that will come in handy in the post-pandemic workplace.

At the moment, companies around the world are still downsizing, and jobs are vanishing. The economic crisis dictates the need to acquire new skills to stay in the workforce. Here is what you need to stay afloat in India.

The New Reality

Businesses want to employ people who can hit the ground running — i.e., need little training. The faster you adapt to challenges — the more desirable as a candidate you are. What complicates the matter is the infamous skill gap in the Indian employment market.

It is nothing new. Moreover, the skill gap is one of the greatest concerns in the national education system. At the moment, it is largely incapable of providing students with the right skill set for the future. This may be blamed on the outdated curricula, bad training of faculty, and pedagogical flaws.

Curricula may not be changed overnight. However, educational institutions should update their courses to bridge the skill gap. MOOC-based college learning is available, but the dropout rate is as big as 95%.

So, what should be done? We need a more creative approach to learning and the inclusion of new-age courses in the conventional curricula. Students should acquire skills that will be in great demand, so they become highly employable.

On the other hand, they may learn to work on their own. For example, you do not need a boss to make money through a trading broker like Forextime. Opportunities like Forex trading mean anyone can work from home or even on the go. Traders monetize their knowledge. While those who prefer conventional employment should consider these six essential skills.

1. Cloud Computing

Cloud architects and IT admins are bound to be in high demand in the coming years. During the pandemic, many companies have adopted the cloud model for data storage. As a result, the demand for professional cloud computing courses has also surged. Undeniably, the role of cloud professionals in corporate hierarchies is bigger than ever. Hence, being well-versed in the technology pays off.

2. Risk Management

The pandemic is the latest crisis that highlighted the value of risk management for all companies. Corporations need strategies to deal with ambiguity in turbulent times. Talented risk managers spot potential risks before they become evident and predict consequences for efficient contingency plans.

Today, such foresight is one of the most critical skills one may acquire. Companies have learned their lessons. In the next few years, the anticipation of risks will be the focus of forward-thinking corporations.

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3. Data Analytics

If you have strong data management skills, consider the job of an analytics engineer. These professionals transform, test, deploy, and document miscellaneous data. Oxfords that can examine, structure and filter data are in high demand. Companies are on the lookout for professionals who can develop efficient algorithms to help them digest large volumes of information.

4. Business Analytics

To stay ahead of their competition, companies need to turn raw data into applicable knowledge. This is what business analysts do. They create and actualize strategies and tools for efficient decision making in any industry. Unsurprisingly, the average salaries in this segment are also quite impressive.

5. Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Specialists in artificial intelligence create machines that can imitate human thinking. Machine learning, on the other hand, is all about blending software engineering principles with data science and analytical knowledge. The result is accessible to the public by means of a product or service. Experts can load data into models and create new algorithms that facilitate decision making.


6. Effective Sales

Sales are crucial for any company’s bottom line. This skill is as important as always. The business world is increasingly competitive, and companies need to stand out and have an efficient salesforce. Employees who can persuade the customer and boost loyalty are always in high demand.

It is not enough to stress the features of a product. A talented salesperson will help the customer see the bigger value in their company’s offerings. Successful employees have profound knowledge of consumer psychology and behavioral economics. They know what factors influence sales efficiency. They can win every round of the negotiation.

Become More Hirable

The world will never be the same. The global pandemic has transformed the way millions of people work across all industries. It is important to understand what skills will be in the highest demand given the rapidly changing business landscape. Acquire new skills to make sure there will be a place for you in this new reality.


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