March 2, 2021




 You must have heard that NCERT textbooks are the Master Key to crack NEET exam and without any doubt, they are stepping stones during your NEET preparation. One should make sure that they are thorough with every line of Biology, Chemistry & Physics NCERT books respectively to beat up the heat on the exam day.


Questions in NEET exams come directly or indirectly from NCERT books and the biggest mistake that I have seen many of the students doing is that they run behind those few extra questions that can come from anywhere and they avoid those for sure concepts that cover the 90% of the paper. Hence, it is suggested to focus on what you have and not on what you don’t have during your NEET preparation journey.

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In general, one should focus on how to read NCERT textbooks rather than what to read. You should read it line by line and word by word so that you can crack the concept behind that. Use highlighters or pencils to underline and try making points either in the textbook or in a separate copy.  When you are all done with the concepts then you should practice ncert based multiple choice questions from various NEET books available for MCQs that are based on NCERT and follow the latest NEET pattern.


The Best Way To Study NCERT Biology Textbook


NCERT textbook is a Bible when it comes to Biology. Do not focus on what will come from outside and focus on what you have and what you have is NCERT and that is enough. Every line and diagram is important in your NCERT Biology book, so don’t skip any. Make notes whenever possible either on the margins of the book or if you go to coaching then those notes are more than enough and you don’t need to create personal notes again. For that so-called “Extra Concept” you can refer to Target Publications Books or your coaching modules if any but your main focus should be on NCERT. Consistency is the key, so revise daily because if you won’t revise you can’t make it happen on the exam day. Set a goal of solving NCERT based 100 MCQs i.e. 50 from zoology and 50 from botany within 30 minutes daily.




The Best Way To Study NCERT Chemistry Textbook


Chemistry is a subject which is very easy and interesting for some students and some it’s a big deal. As we all know in Chemistry we have Organic, Inorganic and Physical chemistry and each of them should be studied with different approaches and different strategies. Follow the same strategies with Inorganic Chemistry which we mentioned in the Biology part just above. For Physical Chemistry, read chapters from NCERT, make notes and revise them. Solve as many as possible questions to check the clarity and the understanding of the concept. Organic chemistry requires an in-depth understanding of the topic. You should refer to extra books, practice more and more questions because practice makes a man perfect. Try solving 20 questions from each, so at the end of the day, you will solve 60 questions in Chemistry.


The Best Way To Study NCERT Physics Textbook


Physics NCERT textbook is less trusted. Many students say that it does not elaborate on the concepts fully but one should make sure that they go through the NCERT book thoroughly before moving to any reference book. You should know all formulas and their derivations because questions can come from anywhere. Solve questions in the order of difficulty, first solve the easy ones, then the difficult ones and finally HOTS questions. I don’t know about others but I suggest you see the level of questions of JEE Mains because if you can solve those then you can easily handle the questions in your NEET exam. Try solving 50 questions daily if not more.


To add to these valuable suggestions, it is very important to go through and solve the last 32 years NEET question papers. One of the most helpful books that we recommended for the same would be 32 Years NEET Previous Solved Papers that have in-depth detailed analysis & chapterwise solutions that would boost your exam preparation.


So, these were some of the productive tips that you must follow to study efficiently from NCERT books for each subject respectively. Best Of Luck, We Wish You A Joyful NEET Preparation Journey & Good Marks In Future.


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