7 Job Alternatives to Change your Lifestyle During Covid-19

Seven Job Alternatives During Covid-19

Covid-19 forced many organizations to take new actions and implement new strategies. Given that, the demand for remote workers increased, and many lost their jobs due to the lack of skills. Being jobless during isolation is a difficult situation that can make you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. But, the positive side is that you’re not alone.

To help you face unemployment, here are seven job alternatives that will allow you not only to become an attractive candidate but to change your lifestyle.

JavaScript Developer

JavaScript is among the best web development tools. JS frameworks allow developers to create dynamic websites within minutes. As they can focus on the design, they can save time on coding.

JavaScript is quite handy for front end or back end development, and it’s an indispensable tool for web developers. Nowadays, a JavasScript developer can make, on average, $117,000 per year in the US. And to attract the most skilled developers, companies are providing better benefits. 

Google provides its employees with benefits like health insurance, parental leave, and tuition reimbursement. However, what makes Google’s employees feel engaged is the perks. The company provides on-site perks like spa sessions and gym classes to help workers improve their wellbeing.

To become a JavaScript developer, you can take online courses. Learning from home will be necessary because of the Covid-19 lockdown. Springboard is a coding school that allows you to learn through online classes and get skilled in only six months. By learning the latest JS frameworks, you’ll be ready to show off during interviews. 

Data Analyst

Data analysts are playing an essential role in leading companies to success. Today, organizations lean on tech experts to make better data-driven decisions. Data analysts are responsible for interpreting gathered information to provide results using statistical techniques.

Becoming a data analyst requires hard work, but I can assure you’ll have no regrets. In 2020, a data analyst can earn up to $144,000 per year at Microsoft. So, if you’re looking to change your lifestyle, becoming a data analyst is a great way to do it.

BrainStation offers several courses in data science. Their data analytics program allows you to learn the fundamentals in only 10 weeks. By learning through hands-on projects, you’ll develop the skills you need to land a qualifying job. After graduation, students are capable of working with databases, creating visualizations, and making high-quality analysis. 

Database Administrator

Data isn’t useful if databases are not well-organized. The database administrator’s role is to manage, back up, and keep stored information safe. For companies that deal with large data pools, a database administrator is vital.

Since most companies are moving to the cloud, learning AWS skills has become essential for database administrators. Cloud services play a crucial role in providing companies with security and accessibility. Troubleshooting and data backup/recovery is among the DBAs’ work duties. And AWS makes their job much more comfortable and efficient.

Coding Dojo is a coding school that offers an online course to help aspirants get skilled. Their program covers in-demand programming tools like SQL, MySQL, Python, and AWS. At Coding Dojo, you can become a self-sufficient developer by spending only 20 hours per week on learning.

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Android Developer

Mobiles apps are making our life more comfortable. By giving us the power to do everything with a smartphone, they have reinvented the way we live. These days, Android is the most popular mobile OS, and employers are doing all they can to catch skilled developers’ attention.

At Google, an Android software engineer can earn, on average, $84,000 per year. Android developers can do their work duties from home. In that case, learning android development skills is what you need to become a remote worker.

General Assembly offers an Android development course that allows you to learn from industry-experienced tutors. Its program provides you with the fundamental knowledge to help you stand out. By building mobile apps in real-time, you’ll create a portfolio to convince employers during interviews.   

Digital Marketer

Digital platforms have become essential to reach bigger audiences. By using social networks, websites, and email, digital marketers can improve companies’ marketing strategies. Digital marketers also help organizations to increase their brand’s recognition and provide better customer service. As a result, companies can attract more customers and remain competitive.

In 2020, a digital marketer can earn between 102,000 and 112,000 per year at Netflix. Many coding bootcamps offer digital marketing courses. Yet, if you want to learn from the best, you should enroll in Thinkful’s online coding bootcamp.   

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UX/UI Designer

Today’s customers are more concerned about the experience they have when using a product. And they can stop buying or contracting a service if the experience provided is awful. For example, imagine visiting a website and wait 30 minutes for the site to load. No matter how visually appealing and attractive the site could be, you’ll leave right away.

UX/UI designers are responsible for creating user-friendly workflows. For that reason, organizations are in a hunt for tech workers with this kind of skill. At Instagram, the average salary for a UX designer is $127,829 per year. Instagram wants to hire the most skilled talent to improve its mobile app and transform the market.

To become a UX/UI designer, you should join Kenzie Academy. The company offers a UI/UX design course that provides you with a basic introduction to research, copywriting, visual design, and project management. Kenzie academy also offers several financing options like ISAs and upfront payments to help students focus on learning.

Cybersecurity Specialist

Since data is becoming the new gold, the need for professionals with cybersecurity skills has increased. To prevent cyberattacks and data leakage, organizations have needed to improve their cybersecurity strategies. 

Cybersecurity experts are responsible for monitoring attacks and intrusions. Also, by searching for vulnerabilities in software and hardware, they have to implement new strategies to keep companies’ information safe. Flatiron School offers a cybersecurity course that provides you with the right knowledge to handle rapidly-advancing threats and catch attackers. By setting traps and learning in-demand cybersecurity tools, you’ll have what it takes to land a new position during Covid-19.

In Summary

Employer’s demands are higher, and these job alternatives will allow you to meet their expectations. Becoming a tech professional will indeed increase your job opportunities, but the road can be challenging. However, if you’re willing to change your lifestyle, don’t hesitate to start learning. 


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