March 2, 2021

Merits and Demerits of Online Coaching for NEET

Neet online coaching

This article will explain the merits and demerits of online coaching for NEET.

To clear any entrance aspirant must need to commit about his hard work and the NEET exam is no different. Every year lakhs of students appear for the exam with the dream of admission in the government medical colleges. But very few of these get succeeded. From this, we can predict how challenging the competition is in the medical field.


It is never easy for the aspirant to choose between offline or online coaching.


In the digital era where everything is molded in digital form, mode of the exams has transformed too into online mode. In the online mode of the examination, students need to appear for CBT (Computer Based Test) where students can read the questions on the computer screen.


Along with moderation in the conduction of the exam, its preparation has also got a digital way. Nowadays most of the students are opting for online coaching for NEET. Students are finding online coaching more beneficial than offline or classroom coaching.


Online coaching can play a major role in the success of the NEET aspirants by availing quality coaching to the students without bothering about the boundaries. That’s why online coaching is achieving more popularity over traditional or classroom coaching with time, distance, and quality education.


Now let’s explore through pros and cons of online coaching for NEET.


Merits of Online Coaching for NEET


  1. Cost-Effective


Online coaching always gives an edge over classroom coaching in cost-effectiveness. As for online coaching, it is possible to provide coaching to many students at the same time, they charge fewer fees to the students. And online one doesn’t need to travel every day to get classroom coaching.


    2.No boundary centric


Online coaching eliminates the botheration of geographical orientation as anyone can get the learning from the best tutor he or she knows. Remotely based students can access the coaching with just one click and availability of the internet.


  1. Schedule Flexibility


Many students choose to prepare while studying or work. It makes it difficult for aspirants to attend classroom coaching as per their convenience. But this is not the case in online coaching. It gives time flexibility to the willing NEET aspirants. In online coaching, you can opt to learn according to your preferred schedule. Recorded video provided by the online coaching portal aid aspirant to prepare for competitive exams anytime, from anywhere.


  1. Can prepare in a homely environment


Most of the students feel comfortable at home. Live online sessions and recorded videos by the online coaching center allows students to prepare for the NEET from the homely environment. E-learning gives an opportunity to remote areas students to prepare for the exam without worrying about the accommodation in bigger cities.


  1. Technology familiar 


As nowadays every exam is getting held online hence it is very essential for aspirants to get familiar with the technology. An online coaching portal makes it possible by arranging a mock test for them. By attempting mock tests, you get the feel of attempting the real exam. Practicing these mock tests makes you habitual and lower the pressure you feel in the real exam.


Demerits of taking Online Coaching


  1. Reach Limited to the internet connection


Despite there being many benefits of online coaching, it has some limitations as internet connections are still not available in remote areas. This makes it less feasible to join online coaching for students from rural areas. 


  1. Lack of Personal attention


Despite providing high-quality education to aspirants, the online coaching portal lacks in giving personal attention. But online coaching portals have come up with the solution for this. Now they have started conducting doubt solving sessions to pay attention to the individual student.


It is difficult to determine which coaching from the classroom or online coaching is better. No one can offer a guaranteed success as it totally depends on your hard work and dedication for exam preparation.


It is entirely up to you to choose between classroom or online coaching, both have their own merits and demerits. In today’s time, there are so many quality online coaching portals available providing an efficient and excellent education to NEET aspirants. 


The one main reason I found strong for joining online coaching for NEET is, even aspirants from the remote areas can get quality coaching without moving from their homes and cities.

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