March 1, 2021

Lies We All Have Heard About Boarding Schools

Lies About Boarding SChool

Ever since a child is born, parents start making sure that they do everything to protect their child’s future. The first step towards doing so is by prioritizing their education. Education is a vital key for a successful and wholesome life in today’s day and age. Many families, where both parents are working professionals, prefer sending their child off to a good boarding school at a young age. They believe this shall help the development of their child from an early stage of life and also because it is easier for kids to learn new habits and stick to them for the rest of their lives.

While there are certainly good aspects about boarding schools that intrigue parents to introduce their wards to it, there are also some myths that have existed in society for some time now which have made it difficult for parents to come to a conclusion.

Here is the List Of All Myth About Boarding Schools

 In this blog, we’ll be busting some common myths about boarding schools so that parents know exactly what they’re doing before they enroll their child to the top boarding school.

  • Myth 1

 Students in boarding schools are robots with no free time.

 This isn’t actually entirely true. The kind of routine children studying in boarding schools have depends upon the kind of institution he or she belongs to. Top boarding schools in Siliguri like Sri Sri Academy and many others set the student’s schedule in such a manner that the kids get sufficient time to study, take part in co-curricular as well as rest and chill with their friends. Boarding schools aren’t jails and students are criminals. Similar to the students in any other CBSE school in Siliguri, boarding schools too value the time and health of their students.

  • Myth 2

 Boarding schools are strict like military camps.

 There’s no lie in the fact that boarding schools are stricter than day schools but it is this quality that makes them different. To think about it, it is necessary to maintain decorum and discipline in a place that is not just a school but also home to many. But this does not mean that it’s a military camp. Kids get their time to have fun too!

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  • Myth 3

Boarding schools are a way to punish bad kids. 

First of all, NO.

Second of all, NO!

 Like other educational institutions, boarding schools are also a place to learn. The only difference is that students can live here too! Instead of feeling that parents send their kids to boarding schools to keep them away, think of boarding schools to be the place where you get to live with your best friend. Also, the quality of education and options of co-curricular offered by boarding schools is better than conventional schools. Families, in which both parents are working professionals, prefer sending their kids to a boarding school at a younger age so that their lack of availability does not hamper their child’s academics and future. It is also assumed that students studying in boarding schools come from broken families. This isn’t true! Boarding schools are just alternative learning options. That’s it!


  • Myth 4

 Students from boarding school always get into the best colleges and universities. 

While the education imparted in top boarding schools is truly first class, there is no guarantee that a child will definitely get admission in the best college or university just by becoming a part of the institution. College admissions depend on merit. Yes, indeed, boarding school students are believed to be more independent and punctual but those aren’t just the criteria to be fulfilled.

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  • Myth 5

 Boarding school students are more likely to get involved in drugs, alcohol and smoking.

There is no given that kids staying at home and attending day schools won’t take part in these practices. In fact, ethical standards and codes of honour set in boarding schools are stricter than conventional schools and the parents are informed immediately if the child is caught possessing these items or using them.


  • Myth 6

 Every boarding school forced students to change their faith.

 This is a rather common myth that people fall prey to. But let’s once and for all understand that no, boarding schools do not force the students studying in their institutions to change their faith. If the institution itself has associated strongly to a particular religion then probably the school prayers and certain cultural events will showcase that. But that does not mean that boarding schools try to brainwash students into forgetting their own religion.


  • Myth 7

Parents completely lose touch with their child.

Contrary to the myth, boarding schools have different parental programmes scheduled throughout the academic year in order to make sure that the parents remain to be an active part of their child’s lives. It is through these activities that parents get updated about their child. Also, boarding school administration often communicates with parents through weekly emails to update them about their child’s academic progress and behavior.


  • Myth 8

There is nobody to support your child mentally in boarding schools.

 Faculty members in reputed boarding schools act as second parents to their students. They just don’t teach them the syllabus but also guide them about life. Most boarding schools also have special counseling and therapy sessions for students who face difficulty adjusting to the life in boarding school or even help them resolve any issue in their personal life by teaching them the right way to deal with it.


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