March 1, 2021

How to choose a study abroad consultant in India

Study Abroad consultant

Students nowadays opt for studying abroad, thinking of the wide array of opportunities the abroad education can bring. The elite universities abroad accept foreign students for a stipulated number of seats. The point to note here is that the students and parents are unaware of the process of admission to these universities. Besides, the formalities towards student visa are another tiresome process. Abroad educational consultants can help you in enrolling into the foreign universities and help you with the process of student visa. Let’s have a look at how to choose the right study abroad consultants.

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The following points may be considered while finalizing the study abroad consultant in India.

Identify the University/ Country for Education Abroad

There are several excellent universities around the world offering courses in varying subjects. You need to recognise your inner calling, your passion, or your taste regarding the subject or the course to be pursued. Subsequent to confirming the course, which can take you to your dream career, browse through the universities offering the subject courses.

It is also possible that the students can consider studying in a particular country rather than a specific course. They may have heard about the high standard of living and education in the said country from their friends or relatives. The prospects of a high standard of living as well as quality education can lure them to that country.

Once you have confirmed the country or university to continue your higher education, search for the abroad educational consultants offering admissions to those. You will find numerous abroad educational consultants promising admission to those. However, you cannot rely on all the educational consultants. The subsequent paragraphs will guide you in choosing a study abroad consultant in India.

Handpick a Few

Once you have finalised the country/ university of your choice and listed the abroad educational consultants specializing in those, you can do simple research on their record of accomplishment. Their past performance, the services they offer, the details regarding their office location in those countries and so on. Accumulate as much data as possible about the abroad consultants.

If possible, you may consult your friends or relatives to check whether they know anything about any of those consultants. Or in case you are an employee and you are searching for an abroad educational consultant for your child, you can discuss it with your colleagues. They or their friends may know something about the firms and can ease your dilemma.

Talk to Them

You may have got at least some info about the performance of the abroad education consultants you have chosen by following the method in the preceding paragraph. You do not have to worry even if it is not so. After going through the records as presented by them in their website, you can pinpoint a handful of those, who may seem trustworthy.

You can contact the abroad educational consultants and talk to them about their services. Before contacting them, you may prepare a list of questions to ask them. In addition to the questions that come to your mind, you may undertake a cursory search to add some more.
The way they answer the question will be enough to prove their honesty. A bitter truth is always better than a sugarcoated lie. Listen to their responses to your queries. Of course, a representative of the agency will be answering to you. Nonetheless, each employee of a firm exhibits the quality and nature of it.

Transparency in Dealings

The abroad educational consultant you choose must be transparent in their dealings. If you observe carefully, their brochure or the proclamations on the website will be sufficient to reveal their innate character.

Big words and tall claims are not the yardsticks for assessing the consultants. On the other hand, the way they deal with each applicant is. You may visit the office of the consultant to have a face-to-face talk with the representative of the company. The atmosphere there, the hospitality and way they clarify your doubts will reveal how transparent they are.

If possible, you may ask for the contact details of the students’ undergone abroad education through them. You can talk to the student directly to learn more about the abroad educational consultant. Moreover, the student will be able to guide you regarding the career options of the course you are considering.

A transparent, credible and dependable agency will not shy away from connecting you with their clients. As they do not have anything to hide. At the same time, it may also be noted that the agency may avoid giving contact details considering the privacy of the student. Whatever may be the reason, you will be able to ascertain it during the discussion with the agency’s representative. Follow your instincts and choose the agency you feel right.

Hope that the above-mentioned points will help you to choose a study abroad consultant in India.

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