March 2, 2021

5 Best Online Jobs for Students

online jobs

Working as a student is a great way to gain new skills, relevant experience and earn extra money. The best part about working online is the flexibility it offers, which is mainly important for busy students with packed schedules. 

You will be able to decide when you should work and the best part is that you can work from your dorm or in a café. In our list, you will find jobs that don’t require a degree, and it’s likely that you already have the skills to do all of them. So if you’re ready to start working from your laptop keep reading. 



You just need to be able to type fast and understand what is being said in the audio recording. When you’re starting out as a transcriber it’s probably the best for you to offer transcribing services for an industry that you’re familiar with like pharmaceutical, medical and legal industry. 

As you become more experienced you can accept jobs for various industries. There are a lot of transcription gigs available on sites like Upwork, Freelance, and Outsourcely. Or you can also apply for jobs on sites dedicated to transcription, like Transcribe.Me, Casting Words and AccuTranGlobal.

Play Games

There are sites that pay gamers to test new games or compete in gaming tournaments. This type of job is a good choice for students that are experienced gamers, but also for anyone that loves playing games. On InboxDollars, Mistplay and Paid GamePlayer you can play games for points that afterward can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

The best part is that the games aren’t challenging and most of them are puzzles, arcade games, and race games. Experienced gamers that want to compete with other gamers should sign up on sites like GamerSaloon, Pro Players, and Gaming Frog.  You will be able to win cash prizes when you beat other gamers in the gaming matches.

Play Casino Games Online

In India online gambling has also gained more popularity as it did worldwide and now you can play casino games like roulettes, slots, poker, blackjack online. Anyone that has a certain level of skill or experience when it comes to skill-based casino games, can play on reputable online casino in India and test their luck and knowledge for various cash prizes. You will also find popular Indian games like Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, among others. Although playing casino games can’t be your part-time job, it’s another way for you to earn extra cash in your spare time.

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Online Tutor

Now that you’re already in college, you already have a lot of information about certain exams and subjects. For example, if you’re studying in one of the top medical colleges in India, you have a lot of knowledge that you can share with other students and help them pass their exams. 

If you want to tutor other students the following websites are worth your time:, Wyzant, and For anyone that doesn’t feel that they will be a good tutor, you can work as a language tutor and help other students learn English, Indian or any other language you speak fluently. Sites like, Voxy, OpenSesame are a great resource for anyone that wants to be an online language tutor. 

Online Surveys

In case you don’t have a lot of time for a proper online job, answering surveys is a great way to earn some money between classes. You don’t need any special skills- all you need is your smartphone, an internet connection and some time to share your opinions anonymously in questionnaires. Great websites you can check out for answering surveys are Survey Junkie, Swagbucks and Opinion Outpost. 


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