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What role do software engineers play in the online casino industry

What do you consider when searching for an online casino in India to game at? Is it the bonuses? Or is it the payment method?

The most vital factor should be the online gaming software a site uses.  While online casinos in India control stuff such as website design and bonuses, the actual gambling experience depends highly on the software provider powering the site of the casino.

The gaming sites of today have improved drastically. The gambling sites which are considered the best now offer a truly impressive online gaming experience. Most changes in online casino India are because of the software used. Casino software in the modern era is more sophisticated compared to the early years. The animation and graphics are way better than before, as well as the background music and sound effects.

Casino software today is very user friendly and comes with extra features and enhanced functionality.

Things that make an excellent software provider

A top online gaming software offers gamers with:

  •         Games with awesome prize money and amazing jackpots
  •         An impressive visual experience
  •         An amazing interface that runs smoothly whether you are playing on your PC or phone

What is software engineering?

It is a branch of engineering related to software product development using established scientific methods, principles, and procedures. The result of software engineering is a reliable and efficient software product such as a gambling site.

What is the work of a software engineer?

Today, software engineers are in high demand. Well-known developers receive thousands of inquiries from recruiters. Software engineers use mathematical analysis and computer science principles to develop and design computer software.

You will find several software types that can be developed by a software engineer like computer games, operating systems, applications, middleware, and more. Due to technology changes, software engineering is changing at a very rapid pace.

Casino software types

You can broadly divide casino software into 3 categories – instant play, downloadable and mobile. You will find many games available in all these formats which means you can enjoy them on a variety of several gadgets.

Mostly, the games all function similarly. However, there are a few differences.

  •         Instant play software – It has become very popular at online casinos. Punters can play games directly from their web browser without downloading any software. This software type mostly utilizes Adobe Flash which makes it compatible with a huge variety of operating systems and gadgets.
  •         Downloadable software – In most cases, this software is only compatible with desktops that run using Microsoft Windows. This software type can be found at several different places and after downloading it, you get access to many games. All you need is running it, sign in and begin playing.
  •         Mobile Apps – A huge majority of online casinos have mobile apps with a wide variety of games that gamers can play on their mobile gadgets. The applications can be downloaded on their tablet or phone, directly from the casino’s site or the app store.

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What role do software engineers play in the online casino industry?

Casino software engineers develop casino games. However, this is only a simple explanation. There is more to it. Every software engineer has several partnerships with several online casinos. The partnerships mean that the developer’s games will be provided to gamers at that specific casino.

In simple terms, if an Indian gamer wants to enjoy a certain game at a casino, the casino should have a partnership agreement with the software developer. Since software developers have several agreements with many different casinos, you can enjoy a lot of similar games at different casinos. For instance, NetEnt’s Starburst can be played at the wide majority of online casinos.

Some developers can have exclusive deals with specific casinos. This is where for a certain period after releasing the game, only a single casino has exclusive rights to have the game. Such games mostly stay limited for a short period such as 3-6 months before it becomes available to other partners.

Can online casinos have their own software engineers who develop games?

You can find several online casinos in the market that provide their games. However, a huge number of online casinos outsource the task of developing games to other companies. Partnering allows software providers to make their games visible to a huge number of individuals without the need of going through the hardship of operating a casino.

Most modern software developers provide HTML5 casino gaming options. It means that gamers can play their favorite games without the need of downloading and installing additional software.

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The top software providers in India today

Several developers come on top in the Indian market today. Indian gamers have a huge game selection to choose from because of these software developers. We have discussed them below:

  1.       Microgaming

Microgaming is probably the leading software provider in India. The company has a huge variety of games on offer to games in addition to some less popular studios that develop games for them. Being one of the leading software providers, Microgaming  provides games that are unique when it comes to graphics and features with each release.  They can keep their games catalog fresh without affecting the quality of games.

  1.       NetEnt

NetEnt is a very reputable software provider popularly known for its hit Starburst. However, they also have a huge portfolio of games to back them up. They release new games regularly to supplement the already popular games. You can also dive into NetEnt live dealer titles at your favorite NetEnt casino.

  1.       Playtech

Playtech is also a very popular software provider in the online casino market in India. Although the company is not as big as NetEnt and Microgaming, it still plays a huge role in the market. Since moving from providing traditional video slots in physical casinos to offering online games over the last 10 years, the developer has gained massive popularity in the online casino world.

  1.       SkillOnNet

This company is more focused on offering casino platforms. Their software collects titles from other developers to make it easy for online casinos to use these games. However, they also offer game development via Green Valley Games which is their subsidiary company. Any game you see by Green Valley Games at an Indian casino is from SkillOnNet.

  1.       Betsoft

This is another casino that used to provide games at physical casinos before they ventured into developing online games. They are known for providing a huge variety of technologically enhanced online games.

  1.       Real Time Gaming

This company is relatively new in the market. They provide innovative and unique games to punters. Indian gamers will easily recognize a title from this developer because of the amazing features and their efforts to offer new and exciting releases throughout the year.

  1.       IGT

It is a global software provider that offers a wide variety of online casino games to Indian casinos. It is known for its top-quality casino games.

Note that this is not a complete list of software providers in India. There are others not discussed in this article. 

Final thoughts

When playing online casino games, it is important to play games from reputable online casino games providers. Doing proper research on leading software providers is easy. A simple Google search can help you find reputable providers. Ensure that the game you want to play is from a licensed software provider. If you conduct proper research into online casino India software providers and the titles you wish to play, gaming will be safe for you.



Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best software provider?

Answering this question is hard because each software provider has its pros and cons. The only advice we can give Indian gamers is to try out different games that every provider has to offer and then know which appeals to them more. If a developer has a wide variety of games for you, then they are good for you.

Which is the most popular online gambling software provider in India?

It is hard to tell because there are several reputable providers. Every gamer has different preferences depending on factors such as age.

What makes a software developer different from the rest?

Most online games developers mostly offer similar things. They provide a wide variety of different titles that you can enjoy on mobile and PC. However, every provider has its unique differences in terms of experience and features.

Should gamers consider the software provider when playing at an online casino?

Yes, the software provider plays a big role in determining your casino experience. However, you should also consider other factors when choosing an online casino. Always ensure you are playing at a reputable and licensed casino. Other factors to consider include bonuses and payment methods.

Are jackpot amounts determined by the software providers?

No, the software providers don’t directly determine the jackpot amounts. The developers can program the software to have varying jackpot amounts and how random someone wins. A game can decide the jackpot amount such as progressive jackpots.




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