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Online Gaming in India is Becoming More Popular

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Despite the laws against gambling in India being very constricting, the popularity of online casinos is at an all-time high. The peaking of the internet age and the impressive penetration of the Internet in India is the main reason for this gradual but steady uptake. Considering that India is traditionally a sport-loving country, it was only a matter of time before online gambling became a hit.

The rise in the number of players was the signal investors were waiting for to venture into the Indian online gambling market. The rapid rise in the number of cloud gaming services over the past decade is the clear sign that the gaming tech revolution is here. International online casino platform operators have launched their best services in India too. For instance, you can find and play almost any casino game and win in Rupees today. You can begin by sampling the wide variety of Indian casino games at 10cric to find your favorite games.

India and its Love for Sport

Have you ever seen the excitement and celebrations that go on during the cricket season in India? If you have not, then you may not understand just how much a country can love sports. With sports came betting, a vital sub-domain of gambling that would eventually introduce the masses to online gambling. Before long, cricket and tennis fanatics joined the Cricket lovers in expressing their love for the game.

It would be justifiable to say that it was the love of sports that led to the rapid rise of online casinos in India. Perhaps this explains why there are so many sports games and offerings than traditional casino games such as poker and roulette.

The Boom of Online Casinos in India

The online gambling industry did not boom in India as early as it did in other large economies such as China and some European countries. The main reason is because of all the legal red tapes that limit the nature of games the people can play and how they can bet their money. The government recently removed the tapes from online casino games that are skill-based and not luck-based. This move has been greatly welcomed and has seen the rise of new interesting gambling platforms taking center stage. The gradual drift towards a future where all online casino games and features will be available to any adult to enjoy is already on.

The proliferation of online casinos in India has had an unintended effect: irresistible bonuses and offers over the last few years. New casinos looking to grab up new players and older ones fighting to keep their share has resulted in casinos offering lots of freebies. Considering how Indians love free stuff, these promotions have had an enormous impact on the number of people signing up to try online casino games.

Ever-growing Catalogue of Games

The boom of the online casino industry in India means that more investors are entering the market, and the competition is getting stiffer. With so many online casinos competing for new signups, there is a vast and diverse offering of casino games for both new and experienced players. If you are in India, you can now freely enjoy a wide variety of slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, and many other table games right from your browser.

As of 2020, roughly nine in every ten households in India have a smartphone. It is thus no surprise that the gambling industry is continuing to grow at such a promising rate. As more people get access to the internet and use their devices to discover what the online world has to offer, such industries as gambling and specific companies such as 10Cric are the greatest beneficiaries.

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