NEET 2019 Preparation Tips, How To Prepare and Crack NEET Exam?

NEET 2019 Preparation Tips

NEET 2019 Preparation Tips




NEET 2019 Preparation Tips NEET is a medical entrance exam which is conducted by National Test Agency. The exam grants the candidate an admission to various medical and dental colleges all over India. The three-hour exam consists maximum of 720 marks. Total 180 questions based on Physics, Chemistry, Biology are to be answered. The exam is scheduled to be conducted on 5th May 2019. The number close to million candidates appear for this exam from which only 10% of students get admission to well-recognized college. So it is important to get good marks in order to get admission to a good college. The exam is very competitive.

Many students appearing for NEET 2019 might be having a common question How to study and score good marks in NEET 2019? If a candidate wishes to score good marks in NEET 2019, he or she has to follow few ground rules while preparing for the exam. We have shared a few important points which have been shared by experienced professors from all over India. If the candidate follows these steps, it is likely that candidate will crack NEET 2019.

NEET 2019 Preparation Tips, How To Prepare and Crack NEET Exam?

  • Study as per NEET Syllabus & Exam Pattern

One of the biggest mistakes the candidate makes is studying subjects without knowing syllabus and exam pattern very well. Once the candidate knows his syllabus very well, it makes it easy for him/her to study chapters not covered during board exams. The candidate can hence focus on the chapters which are new.

Check OUT: NEET 2019 Syllabus

Check OUT: NEET 2019 Exam Pattern

  • Make a Study schedule

The candidate should note that when syllabus and the time for preparation is compared, it is easily possible for the student to study every topic deeply. But a study schedule is necessary. Studying regularly by dedicating few hours for NEET exam is essential to score good marks.

  • Study with reliable study material

The candidates should prepare from the best study material available in the market. There are various publications available in the market. The candidate must choose the best study material suitable for his/her study. We have already shared the list of NEET books, reference books. The candidate can check the list by clicking the link given below:

Check OUT: NEET 2019 Reference Book List

  • Focus on weak points and hard chapters

Focusing on their weaker points and harder chapters is an important factor while studying. It happens many times that student is very good in one subject while fears to study the subject which he finds hard. It is important to focus on such subjects by taking help of friend, family or teacher. By learning these subjects, it helps to overcome the fear of that particular subject.

  • Keep the habit of solving NEET Previous Question Papers

It is said that few questions asked in the previous exams get repeated. If not repeat, the style or format of the question remains similar. So it is essential for the candidate to keep the habit of solving Previous years question papers. This also helps the candidate to work on time management during the exam.

Check Out: NEET Previous Year Question Papers (2013-2018)

  • Opt for NEET Mock Test

We have already advised solving previous year question paper. But solving at home with exam atmosphere is not possible. So we also advise that once you have finished the syllabus, do opt for various NEET Mock Test which is available of various institutes.

  • Maintain Your Health

” What if you prepare well and fall ill when it all matters ie. on exam day? It is important to stay fully fit and healthy throughout the year. Falling sick or feeling low destroys the valuable time available for studying. The candidate cannot concentrate on studies when he is sick. So it is important to maintain health. Stay away from junk and oily food. ”

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Kuldip Sharma

Very Impressive Post. Nice information 

Asha Bhagat

Thankyou so much for the above information. It was very informative.

prateeksha singh

According to the latest report, NEET 2020 exam will be conducted in the month of June 2020.

sara sparrow

All the colleges and universities of Rajasthan UG, PG Final Year Examination will start from July 15. The examinations of the 1st year and 2nd year students will not be conducted, they will have to take admission in the next class between June 15 and June 30 * Government Colleges Forms will be filled online and private colleges will have to fill the form in the college

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