February 24, 2021

Is there any reliable strategy for winning roulette?

Roulette is the most enjoyable game at online casinos, and that’s a fact. It’s heavily based on sheer luck. Although unlike slot machines, you should understand the dynamics of the game before you start to play it. As for the questions like, ‘Do Winning Roulette Strategies Exist? Alternatively, does the house always win?’ well, the house doesn’t always win, else you wouldn’t play roulette. Some do win, and some lose, but everyone is on the lookout for a roulette strategy to win that can help you win consistently.

 The House Edge & Probability of Winning

 When you start hunting around, you discover that roulette has surely apprehended the imagination of punters across the globe to crack the code. All the casino games have a house edge, and roulette is no exception.


In the European version, it comes with a single zero and a house margin of 2.7% and American roulette comes with a higher house advantage of 5.26%. Just by seeing the house edge, you can determine which one is better for you. Although that’s not all to make informed decisions at roulette.

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According to Superlenny, roulette provides you with an ample amount of betting options. They come in three categorizations; inside, outside, neighbour bets. Usually, inside bets are with the lower probability of winning as you put a bet on a certain number(s). For outside bets, the house is likely to win as they let you predict that a winning number comes into one of the group’s numbers such as high or low, red or black and so on.

 When you select a bet, ensure to know that a higher payout is attained with more risk. In simple words, a bet that pays a huge prize is less likely to make you win. So, selecting outside bets can be an ideal choice for you when you are more inclined to lower-risk your game play.

 Believe it or not, playing them is the best strategy that can lead you to win. However, you can’t win big with such bets as they are a more safe option.


Does a Winning Strategy Exist?

 Even when you play a game of skill, there is nothing like a perfect winning strategy. These are better described as basic, optimal or proper. You can’t have a roulette strategy to win even when your decisions matter. So, in roulette, which is a game of luck, nothing can 100% guarantee your win. However, you can follow some tips that can help you win more than often:


  • The house edge always exists and can chew away all your bankroll in no time. So, you must go for bigger wins with fewer spins, that way the casino has less chance of clawing your winnings back off you. Keep in mind; roulette is not a game where the probabilities can change from spin to spin.


  • If you are among those players who just bet based on trends, then you generally bet against the flow. For instance, when you see 3 reds in a row, you may bet black. So, try to flip it around as a test and begin betting with the flow. For instance, when you see some reds, take the view that red is hot and bet red. Lastly, compare your results, and you’ll see the difference.


  • Try to mix things up when luck is not on your side. When you’re betting on the even chances, try throwing in some column bets that cover ⅔ of the table and differ your bet level and play Mahjong now.


In Conclusion

 Winning or losing happens in every game, but playing roulette should be an entertaining activity. Start with low-risk bets and stick to your limits and budget to enjoy the game to the fullest!





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