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How Playing Games Can Help You Get Smarter


Do you consider yourself to be a gamer? Do you love playing video games? It has been a common stereotype by some parents to do their best effort to have their children avoid gaming as much as possible, especially at a young age. Others, on the other hand, even in adulthood, get discouraged by their parents from playing video games.

Being a gamer does not mean that someone needs to be good at the most popular games and play in the most advanced and popular platforms. Someone who plays a first-person shooter is a gamer in the same way that someone who plays a puzzle game on a smartphone is. Some people even consider those who play casino games online or do sports betting on the next cricket match, to be a specific type of gamers as well. Regardless of the kind of gamer you are, did you know that gaming may give you good mental benefits? Here are some of the ways how gaming can help you get smarter.

It can improve your learning ability

A study had found that people who are into playing action and strategy games such as shooters and RPG tend to exhibit better learning ability and better adaptability as well. Researchers have attributed this to the fact that these genres of games often involve real-time strategy formulation and thus exercise critical thinking in players.

“Prior research by our group and others has shown that action gamers excel at many tasks. In this new study, we show they excel because they are better learners,” said Daphne Bavelier, a research professor in brain and cognitive sciences at the University of Rochester. “And they become better learners by playing the fast-paced action games.”

It can improve your decision-making skills

In another study, researchers have found that gamers, specifically those in strategy games, are seen to show better decision-making skills in real-life situations, especially when put under pressure.

“Action game players make more correct decisions per unit time. If you are a surgeon or you are in the middle of a battlefield, that can make all the difference,” Bavelier said about the study. In many action and strategy games, plates are often placed in situations that require them to make a decision fast, putting a lot of factors into consideration. This may be a game of war or a game of tactics between two opposing teams.

It can increase your IQ

Yes, if you play enough puzzle games or any game that stimulates your brain, you will eventually gain a better IQ than those who do not engage in the same level of mental activity.
This makes gaming a kind of mental exercise. While there is still no substitute for real learning, sharpening your IQ and intellect through gaming is a big possibility.

Final thoughts

While gaming can offer big benefits to your brain and your entire thinking ability, it is still true what people and experts always say: that too much of anything is bad. People who have played games too much are known to have faced many issues in life: from social problems to financial problems and even worse, health problems. While gaming itself is never a bad thing, it can be one if someone who is playing games is not responsible enough to do it.

Thus, no matter the genre or platform of gaming that you are dong, and no matter the level of a gamer you are–be it a casual one or a hardcore one–always remember to play games responsibly.

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