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Gaming Guest Posts – write for us about gaming and technology

gaming and technology Guest Post

Gaming and technology Guest Posts : We do accept guest post requests and  writer contributions. The main focus of this website is Education, but now we are dealing with these category as well like: News , Technology , Gaming. If you want to increase the effectiveness of your gaming guest posts campaign, you have found the right place.

We accept guest posts on the following topics: technology, gaming, software, IT, AI, and Internet-related , casino  . Please read the guidelines below carefully to maximize the chance of a positive review of your request. So if you feel that you can write for us about gaming, that’s the correct page.

Gaming and Technology Guest Post Guidelines

You can contribute to this website, but before sending your proposition for a guest post, make sure you have read and fulfilled the rules below:

  1. The post should be high quality, informative, and should provide value for our readers — we are not interested in spammy press releases or low-quality submissions. Overall, our main focus is to deliver high-quality information to our readers. They like reasonable-sized, interesting posts that cover technology and gaming topics.
  2. The article should be at least 500 words long — in our opinion, there is no way to create a quality article that covers several points of view in less than this (still low) number.
  3. The post should be grammatically correct and organized in the proper way — we want articles that are ready to publish. Please remember that the article you send to us is a type of business card you send to us. It will tell us a lot about whether or not we want to cooperate with you on creating a quality guest post on our website.
  4. Make sure you have included in the article some useful and unique information — you are writing a guest article for our readers, so please be focused on them. The main goal is still the same: to provide them with high-quality informational content.
  5. The content should be 100% unique; there is no possibility to publish duplicated content — in general, we do not accept spam in terms of comments, messages, etc., so we won’t accept spammy articles either. We require uniqueness of content, which has never been published on the internet before.

The Process of Contribution

The process of submitting your guest post from the area of technology is described below:

  1. You use the above contact form, fill in all the fields, and briefly describe your idea for your contribution. There is no need to provide your article on this step.
  2. We get in touch. We decide on the terms of our cooperation and your contribution.
  3. You provide us with your article, in the form that makes it easy to publish it on our website.
  4. We review the article and eventually provide you with the list of necessary improvements.
  5. Optional step — you send us the updated article.
  6. Your article is published on our website.

Or E-Mail Us at: info@

Benefits For Guest Posting

  • Your post is publicly available on our website, which is visited every day by our readers and fans. It’s in both your and our interest to make them like you and your contribution.
  • We are google news approved website so your article will be indexed by google immediately .
  • You have the possibility to engage with our readers by providing them with your thoughts and ideas and contributing to the discussion in the comment section. That gives you an opportunity to promote your ideas and interests.
  • Our readers will notice you, your website, and content you create — there is no better way of promotion than providing people with content they are interested in, which gives them value. You are only a few steps away from using that opportunity with us.

Our Disclaimer

Please understand that we do not accept all of the contribution propositions. From the guest post requests, we accept only those that provide additional value for our readers. We are not just another website which accepts low-quality content, so we expect your guest post to be at least as good as our own content is and that requirement must be accomplished. That’s the only way for permanent growth of our website.

Thank you!

We appreciate you being interested in submitting your article to our website; it is a good decision. Please make sure you follow our quality guidelines. Assuming you have your guest post proposition ready, it could be live on our website in a matter of days, isn’t that awesome? That’s possible because of clean rules and a process that serves both sides: us as website authors and you as a contributing author.Contact us and write for us gaming and technology guest post now.

Feel free to use the above form to ask questions. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible and clear all of your doubts.

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