May 26, 2020

Digital Learning Is Changing Today’s Education Culture

Digital education

All the online learning platforms have emerged in the form of the great tools during this corona-virus outbreak to help the students continue their studies during COVID-19 outbreak. There are many e-learning platforms that various government has launched for the students till the time schools are closed

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Educators are feeling problem to deal with the situation of teaching during this covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the emerging Internet technology various mobile application and software, children are able to come in the classroom like environment. They are not only able to understand the digital world and think smartly they are engaging themselves in the curiosity to be technology master. There is evolution in today’s generation these children are born in a technology-based society and have become used to the Internet at a very young age. 

Today’s Internet is playing the role of a path finding guru for them .Students know how to research and find text resources, videos, podcasts, and presentations through the Internet related to what they want to learn. 

Having cheap and easy accessibility of internet resources, online classes, YouTube Videos and Online Expert Guidelines people are able to make the teaching process easier and effective. 

Textbook are these days changing into e-books and visual contents. According to the expert text is much more hard to read and boring too. Visual information can be easily perceived 60,000 times faster than text and has long term retaining capacity. Report proves that people have the power to remember only 20 % of the data they read. Learning comes from practical and visual learning. Whatever we observe around us, the things or the gadgets we are used to the practical way to teach us.

 Technology is not only engaging students in playing online games and watching cartoons. These games and the cartoons have long terms effect on the mind of people there are many games which parents use to teach their child the basic knowledge of alphabet, computer, Moral Education and more to mention here. The benefits of mobile driven technologies depend on how children, parents and teachers use technology for effective education and also on the better parenting.


Use of Digital Whiteboard and classroom with animation is changing today’s education culture. Gone are the days when students were using chalk and blackboard painted with Coal powder. These tools are also helping people to teach complex equation and formulas in a very easy manner and also take less amount of time. When internet technology is used well for educational purposes, the education experience helps to be more effective and students are more interested with the story offered. Today, the use of slides, video presentations, e-learning software, online training and other digital methods are playing a crucial role in the overall planning the course to providing the students result oriented teachings .

These technologies are being given importance in the learning-teaching process. And this the reason, teaching in the classroom is becoming more interactive and effective. Making the data driven teaching plans can help educators to categories the students on the various levels of education, Basic (Challenger) and Challenger (Accelerator). People can easily analyze the report and can measure the study curves of the students like their problem solving capacity, time to read and understand any particular problem, reports of the teachers and feedback management between the institution and parents .

People are promoting the use of Internet to gain knowledge rather than playing games. Coming of various startups have made easier to get private tutors at affordable prices. Students are smart enough to develop their education, understanding and skills while avoiding online threats Even parents are providing total support in the process.


Digital Learning has many benefits and it is changing the learning experience of the students. Today if you want information about an area, you can search it on the internet. Apart from this information, there are many such online resources from where you can easily learn any topic or any subject. Overall, digital education can help you to overcome the lack of resources and breaks all obstacles in your learning path.



So is Digital Learning overbeating the traditional education? Will the education system completely change after the arrival of new technologies? You have got answer of all such common questions. Understand this well, and mention any other way to enhance education with technology. We will discuss over that in the comment section. 


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Dev Raj Singh is a Computer Science Engineer From Kolkata and writing for exam preparing students. Read the article, You will be truly impressed with the amount of information!

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