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7 Types of Casino Bonuses You Can Get

Casino Bonuses

With the online casino industry being more and more developed, many players found out about some types of casino bonuses and are happy with their finding, but they can miss out on many other bonuses they can qualify for. Each casino has variations and mixes of these bonuses and it can be hard to sweep through all. We are here to shine some light on the matter and explain to you the best types of bonuses you can get, so that when you find an eye-catching casino bonus, you know what it consists of. You can search for current offers and see what casino suits you at India Casino.

No deposit bonus

There are multiple ways you can benefit from a no deposit bonus. This category of bonuses are given to you without the need to make a deposit first. What you need to know is that you can’t withdraw the money immediately (if it is a money type bonus). You need to play a sum of them at least once and in order to cash out, some requirements are in place. You need to check the offer beforehand, to be sure there are no surprises. However, these types of bonuses are a great way to check out a new casino or game and can be found in multiple casinos.

  • Play Money No Deposit Bonus

As the name says it, you are given a sum of money by the casino that you can play with and they can be turned into real money by winnings. The good part about this is that you can set your own wager sum and so, you decide how many rounds you play and how much you can stay in the game with the money you have.

  • Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

This type of casino bonus implies that you will get a number of rounds you can play for free in certain games. It is a great deal for Slots lovers so that they can try out different games before deciding and investing in one. 

  • Recommend a friend bonus

Some casinos offer you this opportunity. You get a code and if a friend uses that code when they register, you get a bonus in whatever form the casino offers.

Type of Casino Bonuses

Deposit Bonus 

This category of casino bonuses apply at the moment of making a deposit or after at least your first deposit, during your experience with a casino. They can vary a lot from one casino to another and from game to game, but there are a great way casinos reward their players.

  • Cash Back Bonus

This particular type of bonus is being offered after some time. The casino gives you back some of the money you lost so that you can play them again. It is a type of deposit bonus because it does not apply at the moment of making a deposit, rather periodically or randomly, when the casino has a promotion, but you are eligible for it after some playing, which implies at least one deposit.


  • Welcome casino bonus

This is a very common type of casino bonus where after you register, at your first deposit (or first 2, 3 or 4) you get a mix of match bonuses, free spins and others. A match bonus of a certain percentage means that when you deposit some money, that certain percentage of the money you deposited will be added to your account. So, a 100% match bonus means your money will double. Usually, welcome bonuses have a minimum deposit and are up to a maximum sum. You need to check for every casino in particular, their Terms and Conditions and Policy, but if you use a no deposit bonus or code, after your first deposit you should be eligible for this as well. 

  • Fidelity casino bonus

Here it is entirely up to the casino what their Fidelity Policy is, but if you are an active player or a high ranking one, you should expect free spins, money and other special bonuses your casino has to offer. This usually includes monthly deposit bonuses, level up bonuses and other special offers and events your casino has.

  • High Roller casino bonus

After making a big deposit or wagering a high sum on a game, some casinos offer you a bonus. This can be free money, free spins and even sports tickets and VIP rankings. Sometimes, they offer a reward to high rollers who had a bad day, to encourage players to keep on playing. 

Casino Bonuses in india

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Of course, as we said before, these are only the most common types. Casinos come up with new and different offers and events regularly. What you need to do before claiming a casino bonus is to check and carefully read the full offer, including the wagering requirements and minimum deposit. After you register to a casino and you are verified, you can start playing. You should check the home page for new promotions. You should know that there are websites that have a list of casinos and update the new promotions, offer promo codes and tips on how to maximize your online casino experience.

Always keep in mind that your casino needs to be licensed by an approved organization, such as MGA, Gambling Commission UK or others. Make sure your casino of choice is legal in your country or region and that the offer is available in your geographic location as well. Additionally, look out for what currencies they accept and what payment methods they have available to make sure you have the right type of card or e-wallet. 

In the end, betting and gambling should be a fun activity and to keep it that way, make sure you don’t give more money that you can afford and always stay safe and legal. 



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