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5 Dominating Mobile Trends in 2020

The growing technology has brought some impeccable evolution in the world. But, nothing seems as good as smartphones. Mobiles have quite an amazing impression on Gen-Z people. Almost everyone who could afford a smartphone owns one. It doesn’t matter if you consider smartphones a blessing or curse, the fact is smartphones have changed our lives. With more and more people buying smartphones, the mobile market has become one of the most competitive segments out there.


Brands are trying to launch innovative and improved variants to outperform their competitors. The demand for mobiles is growing rapidly. People can’t help but wonder what trends are dominating on mobile. Let’s have a look at the top 5 mobile trends in 2020.


1. Online Gaming


Casinos have been in the digital world for over 2 decades now. Ever since the casinos optimized their websites for mobile users, people started to spend real money on gambling from the comfort of their homes. Real money gaming has become so popular among gamblers that even those who never paid a visit to the casinos have become fans of mobile gambling.


Exciting bonuses, a seamless user interface, an extensive range of slots and live casino games are some of the main features that attract players. Online Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat are available to everyone who has a smartphone and a stable internet connection.


2. Augmented Reality Apps


Developers have realized the potential of augmented reality. They have started to incorporate AR into games and mobile apps. AR has the potential to enhance the built-in features on mobile. If you are a social media user, you must have noticed the exciting and adorable face filters that look super cute. These filters are available on Instagram, Snap-chat, Messenger, and other social sites.


For gaming fanatics, the Pokemon Go is the best example of the power of Augmented Reality. A few years ago, nobody could have imagined it was possible to bring the cartoon characters into the real world. Thanks to Augmented Reality. It has brought a major evolution in the gaming industry.


3. Virtual Reality on Smartphones


We all are familiar with virtual reality as it has become the number one tech trend of the year. Virtual reality may sound quite similar to the Augmented reality. However, VR takes users’ gaming experience to a whole new level. The major difference between AR and VR is that users need additional gear (other than smartphones) to enjoy the VR technology. AR, on the other hand, modifies the in-built functionalities of your phone.


VR enables users to enter the fantasy world through mobile games. It gives you real-time gaming experience.


4. Smartphones and Smart Homes


Another trend that has captured our attention is smart homes. Who could have thought people would be able to sync their smartphones with the home appliances and electronics? It seems like technology has surprised us with this feature. You can sync your smartphone with home appliances and control them in one tap. It is going to be super convenient for homeowners to turn off the lights, switch on the AC, and get alerts for the inventory re-fill in the refrigerator.


The best part is that you don’t need to be home to be able to control your home appliances. Once you have connected your mobile to your home, you can make the necessary adjustments to your electronics from anywhere. You can also connect your security devices to your smartphones and monitor your property 24/7.


5. Streaming Services


If you are a movie fan, chances are you have already purchased the subscription of the streaming service providers. Smartphones allow users to stream their favorite shows and movie wherever and whenever they want. Whether you are travelling or getting bored at home, stream your favorite shows, and spend some quality and fun time watching dramas and movies.


People are getting extremely obsessed with the web series that are available to watch on smartphones. In fact, some users complete the whole series in a day or two.


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